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Froyo Love Froyo Love i would give the stars above

Yesterday She Does the City Maven Jen and I had a trip to fantasy treat world to catch up on life and plough through buckets of Yogurty’s while posing as inconspicuous celebrities in the Froyo Cafeteria and I wanted to check out the newest location at Bathurst and Eglinton. These places are multiplying :) hot diggity.

Now lemme show ya how it’s done I’m a regular and, you may recall I’ve treated myself to some Yogurty’s before. I am a Yogurtease through and through.

I left half my makeup at my dad’s so Jen and I had to share. I don’t think she was clued in that this would be an invasive Rodeo Drive-by paparazzi yogurt spree.

I love their branding. Ha ha in my emails to Jen about Yogurty’s as I was selling them to her I was like, Heck, their website design is miles better than come along and see for yourself.

Heheh nice and candid, she’s like, where am I? Heaven, Jen.

I like this futuristic Hello Kitty Jetson’s Cafeteria. Kids these days sure are lucky and luckily I am never planning on growing up. Also I look like a banshee ghost sleep walking in a nightgown or a crazy eccentric lady from the annex. Plus a wizard. Did you get all of that?

I got espresso and wafer flavoured yogurt, topped with cookie dough cubes and cheesecake cubes, some crazy white blobules, strawberries, white chocolate shavings, caramel sauce. Last time I tried to be as healthy as possible. This time? Not a chance.

And for dessert I had Burger King.

Red velvet, ooh. Also the name of one of our new dancers.

This time we filled 3 tubs for the same weight/price as TWO during the last visit. Coming out to about $20. Decent.

Our paparazzi joiner’s meal cooked by cheflette Raymbo Bright. You will eat it and you will like it and you won’t die cos I made sure not to put anything peanut-related and it’s all kosher too in case you have cultural allergies ;).

Appears as though I transferred all the topping’s weight over to my tub. I was going for aesthetics and building a princess sugar mountain.

Jen and I were competing for the best looking Yogurty’s design. She just didn’t know she was in a secret challenge.

This made my day. Happy place indeed.

Classy stylish Willy Wonka of the future, right meow!

No two cups will ever be identical, like snowflakes, full of white chocolate. Quite the indulgence. Looking forward to taking my niece and Mary Lynne to the Burlington location, future Little Raymis that they are.

Didja know that Jen has like 5 sisters, 4? Millions of girl cousins too, they’re all kooky, hip, sweet and endearing then add all the SDTC cult crew of girls and that’s one strong urban female force yeah? Jen and I have been buddies for almost a decade. She’ll be sitting at the head table for my last supper portrait someday hahaa. How funny and fast is that idea going to be ripped off, not like everyone has ripped it off tons already. (Just remember that I said it here first).

I had just pumped chocolate fudge onto paparazzi’s Mt. Froyo.

Ok I don’t feel so bad now, Jen added gummy worms to her dinner. What is this Elf? That’s not food ahaha remember the smarties in the spaghetti? That movie just gets more hilarious with age.

I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel.

First we’ll make snow angels for two hours, then we’ll go ice skating, then we’ll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we’ll snuggle.

And of course I notoriously love when he yells out I PAINTED A PICTURE OF A BUTTERFLY! on the phone. Ok back to reality now, Raymiality.

Dear Diary, I have found a new replacement for men today and it is called Yogurty’s. Love, ALL WOMEN.

I was just going to take back my previous silly joke but then I looked at a picture of the following.

And then we prepared to tuck in.

I performed a holy feminist voodoo food courtesy sparkle blog princess prayer of thanks and we were off. Heaven on BB UK is totally out to lunch and gives thanks to the stars and egyptian god of the sun and other ridiculous stuff, Teacher says she is saying AMON-RA which no one has chanted in over 4000 years. THE SUN KING! I LOVE REALITY TV. I think Raymiality TV is just as niche/neat sounding as Raymitheminx TV, yeah?

Wizard humour. LOVE MY BLINGY Butterfly. That’s two butterfly references now.

The paparazzi said Jen had an aristocratic thing going on. She has a nice smile too.

We gossiped up a storm, talked shop, and toasted cups to our excellence. We are lifers.

I guess blogs are a kind of sentence in a way, I am sentenced to life. Could write sentences for life, omg I tricked myself into this. Do you like my earrings? I wanted to match Yogurty’s. I’m a fan girl. Ps. @yogurtys on twitter. They’re ramping up a sweepstakes Ipad contest this Saturday all you gotta do is LIKE them on Facebook and you’re entered but I don’t want you to do that because I want to win it ;).

The quality of toppings are top-notch. Shavings of chocolate, actual shavings not splinters of chintzy stuff. Oodles of flavour in everything also it’s neat how the strawberries turn frozen throughout your eating experience from contact with the yogurt. I notice everything because I am obsessive like that I am like a Hello Kitty Woody Allen. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE LOVE ME.

Blaha I forgot to ask Jen what she thought about this yogurt, I think the empty tub was enough plus I was too conceited about how I had decorated mine with the utmost of deliciousness. Yes my competitiveness is exhausting, no there is no off button. Maybe for Ten thousand dollars I would go away for a month.

Next time I am hiring a hair and makeup team and not forgetting where I am. It’s hard though cos you are lulled into a dessert reverie and it feels like bubblegum therapy.

I liked that kid’s ride. Refrained from sitting in it.

I obsessed about these I passed on buying in Miami but then the same jewelry store was in San Diego so I got a chance of redemption. I blew $100 there and got a lot of stuff.

Cool attracts cool.

It’s easy to pretend to be listening to your girlfriend with diva shades on and a spoon in your mouth. Perf Girl’s night out Homebase.

Or a setting for a hilarious heist chick flick.

On your way out don’t forget to pose by their built-in red carpet back-drop.

I propose a contest for facebook for best customer catwalk. Win a Yogurty’s party.

Actually, no contest. We win.

I was copying Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate factory licking the snozzberry wallpaper. (Please don’t lick the walls of any Yogurty’s establishments, thank you).

Was just searching for blueberry properties (I know that schisandra berries are a super fruit according to my cleanse coach jeannette) on the internet then got seriously bored (buzzkilled) by wikipedia and still didn’t figure it out BUT I learned this interesting tidbit: Canadian exports of blueberries in 2007 were C$323 million, the largest fruit crop produced nationally, occupying more than half of all Canadian fruit acreage.

Um how much do you want to eat an Oreo cookie with fluorescent yellow icing the size of my head right now?

Just let me pick you up it will be a good idea I swear!

Next time, ball gowns and a new location. XOXO

ps. blog title is a play on FOR YOUR LOVE By the Yardbirds. I was a mod back in the mod club days in Toronto, but I was too cool to admit it. We’d dance to Mark Holmes’ (platinum blonde) spinning for your love (It’s just nice that the yardbirds post-humously endorse froyo, thanks guys!), and she’s a rainbow, taxman, all the good classic moddy tracks.


15 thoughts on “Froyo Love Froyo Love i would give the stars above

  1. how do you focus your mania into something productive? i was rarely able to do that. is it like a hypomania? i’ve been mania free since 2003.

  2. in regards to mania and turning it into something productive, how much of the mania amounts to a compulsion to do this blogging and being in picture, or in my case drawing comics and making videos, etc?

  3. nommmm nom nom.
    we don’t have a yogurty’s but we have a pure frozen yogurt bar that just opened. it’s delish and very similar.
    love the looks of yogurty’s though, so cute.
    you’re purty. i wish you could be my personal shopper because i’m just done da done with trying to dress myself. kablam!

  4. Haha, I know you do.
    I live in Saskatoon, which is why I can only wish for now! I’m totally stuck in a I’m a mom so my identity is a bit wonky right now, and a it’s fall and with the seasons comes neurotic needing personal change, and I am finally losing weight and so all my clothes look like shit on me and I need a new style… rut.
    Look at me, totally ranting in your comments about my own schtuff, bahaa. Oh boy.

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