your stupidity has been immortalized kid

so this guy on my facebook wall says he has this friend who looks exactly like me, it’s uncanny, and whenever they hang all he thinks is raymi raymi raymi raymi etc so i’m like cool awesome show me her picture and he sent this:





only one i could find. I know its not the greatest, sorry.

bahah um which one is supposed to look like me

Steven Lopes
lol, on the farthest right. like i said, not the greatest photo to show the resemblance. Next time im out with her i’ll try and get a better one. I kind of feel like a creeper after saying that… haha

no offense but she looks nothing like me

haha, none taken.

can i blog this

Ya sure go for it.

ok sharing circle is over, bye now.

i love you so much it’s retarded

the interior paper design is v cute also. this is a gift, not for me, and here is a secret i do not “get” the horse thing, like, at all. they kinda terrify me. i’ve only ever been on one once when i was a little kid, with my brother, we went around this trail and i was so nervous i almost fainted and i’m pretty sure i cried the entire time my parents had to force me on. there’s a picture of this too and the expression on my face is pure terror. fil might ride a horse tomorrow. me? pass. no christopher reevesing over here k. i think my nerves would just freak any horse right out and i’d get bucked and there is no convincing me otherwise. i’d rather jump out of a plane. yeah it’s safe to say i have myself a little horse phobia.

hello noel.

alright time for wii fat and after that i shall trim the trim it’s been like 2 weeks i will probably get a head rush from leaning over for ten solid minutes, wuhoo free high!

Concert Tickets

Coupe Bizarre vs.fil

so we descended upon the notorious Coupe Bizarre yesterday afternoon to get fil’s mop cleaned up real good, and good it was thank you shawna <3

before, in need.

nothing to be done to my tresses though, maybe next time i will consider it. shawna told me there is no trick to cutting split ends other than just cutting ‘em which i’m already maintaining on my own, no big deal.

fil wanted this haircut.


mmm bumble bumble bumble & bumbmbmbmbmmble

i felt a little bit nervous too but only cos i’m shy (bipolar) and was anxious about the ensuing hour of playing blabbermouth cos fil clams up and then i’m ON ugh.

cute earrings.

i love the inspired by colouring book shades in the salon, it reminded me of the edward scissorhands’ set.

explaining how he likes his hair, check how curly burly it is back there.

no more subtle faux-hawk was agreed upon by all.

sitting on this thing was a little uncomfortable and dangerous (i’m still partially numb all over) as i’m clumsy, awkward and a spazz.

checkin’ it oot.

shawna’s dog kato, after kato kaylin? i forgot to ask about that.


so it begins.

the back urrea, cozy.

my roots are long. no greys yet. BURN.

always ahead of us those sneaky azns.

god how cute is that one i love it can i have my hair cut into perma-pig tails thanks.

how to turn your hair cute, from cute, easy yeah? maybe if you look like a fucking doll to begin with it is.

ok that’s quite enough you’ve made your point.

fil walked from work and i took a smelly cab last minute. opposites attract hahah.

i pee my pants giggling when i get my head rinsed and touched it’s pretty embarrassing like when you draw the curtains real quick on a nerd alone in the dark, their pupils dilate and they scream at you, so sensitive.

someone‘s a cheap tipper ha that’s probably just coffee change.

i noticed that a lot of the clients coming in there to have their hair did looked like their hair was already styled and perfect, funny. like dressing up to go to the doctor even when you’re super sick.

taking notes for if i ever need to destroy fil’s hair again.

yeah, just leave it like that.

look gill a betty boop friend in arms.

am i the only one who sees the edward scissorhands palette here? (scroll)


more stink-eye. yeah that’s fine, i’ll remember that the next time i pass along a fancy haircut offer to you fil.

mark ryden showed up, decent. to defend shawna’s honour she is quite petite this is just an extreme close-up shot to get the detail.

gettin’ there.

hair experts.

blind faith. fil couldn’t even see what was being done to him cos he’s been wearing his glasses in lieu of contacts for awhile now and you can’t exactly cut around them. he thought he looked like a lego man from his blurred vision.

appropriate stance, nice shoes.

all done, hair in eyeball time.

hurray c’est fini! we are both v pleased with the result. going to a new stylist can be a gamble but shawna was super accommodating, informative, patient and charming fil is even considering cheating on his regular guy with her (relax ladies she has a bf so you can send your men to her conscience-free) and you should too. look her up on facebook under ‘Shawna Hairdressing’ as well as ‘Coupe Bizarre’ you can go through albums of haircut photos on both.

party on wayne!

fields of flowers deep in his dreams

hope i don’t regret this move.

oh, how did they know?

oh my rocky.

please don’t cut his hair again dad.

killin’ time.


you can’t tell but this is one of those move past it images and it moves? you know if you put your nails across it it makes the zippery sound, i have no idea what it’s called, 80’s chic?

my little shadow.

you’re not supposed to be down here.

dr. robert is my dad’s band cute no?

this brings back a flood of memories, it’s direct number one memory is my grandfather talking to me on the back porch and i remember feeling special by the attention and i think he got that i was a smart kid from the line of questioning he was firing at me plus we were playing this, i don’t remember how old i was.

there are certain people in your lifetime you never get over the deaths of.


my niece on the right, such a beautiful baby. she’s ten now, time flies.

i want a new shower curtain again already.

see you next friday at the slye fox in burlington, it will be a good time.

plus! you can dine on finery such as this fox tail then feel like shit for the rest of the nite like me, wicked.

i almost missed my train got in line behind a clueless old woman buying a ticket for another day of travel i rolled my eyes like crazy at the ticket booth guy and he was like I KNOW over her head seriously can you not notice the stampede of people doing the peepee dance in line behind you and a train on the tracks ready to go wait one fucking minute until we leave to buy your ticket you nervous ninny!

meanwhile, back on the funny farm…

ahhh so much for sitting on my ass all day i must go meet up with fil to take pictures of him getting a haircut from a new place (for him) for my blog. i am out of conditioner and i don’t feel like getting dressed to go out and get more just to come back to get undressed, shower, to go out again. dirtbag city it is then. originally the offer was for me to get a cut but like dude, i’m growing this mop to my waist not necessary, so i then offered up fil cos he is in dire need of a cut. lets see how metrosexual they make him haha i bet he’s nervous cos he has been going to the same guy for years, travels all the way to the burbs for it, completely arranges our schedule around it remember that steph?

she’ll make you sweat in the water

so it was benign and i had it lazered then injected for 105 dollars, it’s considered cosmetic cos it’s not life-threatening therefore not covered. right now it’s dark purple and blue, bruised, fugly as sin. in a month i go back for another blast, that will cost 60 bones and then a month after that another one. this makes me really look forward to botox. i can’t wait to just sit on my ass all day tomorrow and then maybe do wii fit i haven’t done that in forever i’ve been too much of a weakling i can’t wait to be judged by the japanese computer. now we get to watch lost with the rest of the world so all that i was saying about getting my life back is on hold for one more nite at least and then it’s back to renting all the shitty movies we’ve been missing out on. i feel like winter has blown by a little bit, at times it’s like holy fuck hurry up man while at others i’m like hey almost there not so bad, must be cos i’m older. holy the go train ride out of burlington is a whole other ball game than out of oakville, judging.cap.on fuck yeah i had some decent entertainment yes i did. my brother and i had a nice heart attack platter at the pub my dad’s band is playing at next friday (you must come oot to that i’ll tell you more about it later) and we enjoyed making up stories for all the cottonheads holding down the fort, our waitress tried to upsell us the bigger platter too luckily we relented but gee whiz what a piece of work she was chill maybe does it look like i want to eat an extra 40 deep fried things? alright lost lost lost xoxo speedbags.


the following picture is not pretty:


i think she went a little lazer happy, i do not recall the cyst being that shape before.