i love you so much it’s retarded

the interior paper design is v cute also. this is a gift, not for me, and here is a secret i do not “get” the horse thing, like, at all. they kinda terrify me. i’ve only ever been on one once when i was a little kid, with my brother, we went around this trail and i was so nervous i almost fainted and i’m pretty sure i cried the entire time my parents had to force me on. there’s a picture of this too and the expression on my face is pure terror. fil might ride a horse tomorrow. me? pass. no christopher reevesing over here k. i think my nerves would just freak any horse right out and i’d get bucked and there is no convincing me otherwise. i’d rather jump out of a plane. yeah it’s safe to say i have myself a little horse phobia.

hello noel.

alright time for wii fat and after that i shall trim the trim it’s been like 2 weeks i will probably get a head rush from leaning over for ten solid minutes, wuhoo free high!

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