i’m gonna see how many times i can post before we leave. last nite i had an 8.50 eggnogtini. it tasted like rum with a dash of bland egg juice and a sprinkle of whatever the hell that stuff is nutmeg yeah. it wasn’t worth it and fil said we had to walk home cos of it which turned into a yelling match from the market all the way to college and spadina, he wanted to walk and i was lazy and cold and not feeling it, i think lots of people saw us too but it wasn’t malicious yelling it was drunken slurry smiling yelling where you are unable to manipulate the situation to your favor so i walked to spadina with him and the first cab that came by i jumped in it, well it was going to bank a right and i started flicking the handle repetitively until the dude unlocked the door and i saw a toonie on the ground, pocketed it, turned to fil and said GET IN and he did but he still wanted a walkies once we got back so i went up and made mackerel unngh that word is hard, fish and blue cheese crackers and he called my cel and was trying to be all sly and asked what i was doing and i knew he would be standing in the park spying on me but i played along and was all WHY PHIL!? and he was leaning on a tree like a perv.

for the record fil considers me to be fully brain-damaged. he walked past the couch when i was sitting and writing in a spiralbound notebook meow meow meow meow meow over and over and he was kind of weirded out so i had to explain the meows then i tried to write a song but it turned into something like RUSH lyrics according to fil so i got super mad and discouraged so now i am reading blogs and farting.

i am bored. we are not going out until the hockey game is over. more like the BORING game. fil and i are snapping at each other because we have been in the same room together for too many hours in a row and then we have snap attacks over who was actually snapping at whom and trying to justify the attitude in our voices. i am also pre-menses and fil ate half a thing of ice cream so maybe he is pregnant i think.

i like/hate when people are all SEE YOU NEXT YEAR cos i think WHY DO YOU HATE ME THAT’S A LONG TIME FROM NOW and they’re like DON’T YOU GET IT SILLY!? and i am like oh yeah i get it DIE ASSHOLE!

we went grocery shopping after the liquor store and i went up to use the bathrooms and some little blond pixie girl was standing on the stairs whistling down at some employees and going BEEP BEEP beep BEEp BEEP bEEP. i wish she was my friend.

one time i was waiting for the streetcar and a bunch of kindergardners and their teacher came by holding hands and they were all going meow meow meow meow meow meow so i started meowing along with them.

this little girl told me once that the sun follows her because she is special and i said ME TOO!

i am partially brain-damaged.

valentine’s day is just around the corner folks. scroll through for other products with this loving graphic.

i am trying to find a nice wholesome photo for a new background picture. i type in “champagne” in a google image search and found this.

i want like a hundred of them!

phil finally downloaded messenger to his laptop and i updated my version finally so we can communicate without having to open our mouths in the same room. so far all we have been doing is using the drawing tool and sending each other penis drawings and writing DIARRHEA and FAG and PURE FAG and pussy drawings. ok mostly i have but whatever i love technology!