let’s plan to make a plan

Hey guys, I got a bill for this site today. It feels like I just paid my last one (because I did) and already again $216 for a year of hosting this POS so, this post is an official announcement regarding the expensive toy I seldom play with that is my blog and henceforth once I get all this blathering out of the way first, I vow to BLOG AGAIN. So, you may feel free to look forward to that and moreover we will be revamping the look and feel over here too and hopefully we will be aligned with the year 2018.

Politically corrected speakingly, negatory, well maybe not so bad. We are LGBTQ etc friendly over here and we ain’t no racists neither.

As you were and until then your loyal dealer, I mean leader,



ps. on my way to be on the radio talking about online dating on a panel. you can hear it broadcast Sunday. There will be promo pictures ooh la la ttyl.