holy shit the arcade fire are retardedly cute and amazing and they perform like autistic eccentrics. brilliant. just so happens that every show we go to we have the luck of being near the few dudes in the room who are REALLY into the music and dance like the biggest gays you ever done see and their hair is always big and ugly. unngh. one guy was holding up a lighter the entire time right in front of us. like the only guy. it was like his first concert or something. he was even swaying with some chick leaning against him and his arm in the air with the lighter. so cool.

turns out i can play the drums afterall and our band is called the jamaican beef patties and we are amazing and sometimes we wear masks when we play, you know the one from SCREAM, yes, that one. and we only take breaks to watch the dogs hump each other. two big and black and hairy cavemen who can’t speak. but then i get bored of playing the same beat over and over again so i try and do something else and i get yelled at ‘cos it was finally the “bridge” and i turned into a selfish drum nazi.

i think i am going to start a new blog for the ten-thousandth time and it will be called the cat update blog and i will document every little thing that happens between me and the cats. for example: i went to the kitchen to get some water and the cat was lying on the floor and looked at me. two hours later i turned on the television and the cat yawned.

thrilling news, i know.

someone asked how that autistic girl story ends and if she was faking it.

she stabs the guy in the hand with scissors and then they go for a drive and he drives them both off a cliff and they die.

had band practise last nite and it was TOTALLY EXTREME!!!!

the cat is being ridiculously needy right now.

if i try and put him down from my lap his purring goes into hyper-mode and he clings to me harder and then i am like awwwwwwww and can’t put him down but then two minutes later i am annoyed again.

tomorrow is arcade fire and then on friday you can see my fat stupid ass on tv at 11 est the life network, that sex toys and chocolate show. i’m sure it will be embarassing.

when you see all the toys your pets have formed emotional attachment to/with and how disgusting they are you begin to wonder if animals really are as smart as we make them out to be. at least i wonder that with my cat. if i touch one of his many chewed up furry whatever the fuck it is/was suppose to be whatevers he won’t shut up until he can touch it too and then he follows me around the house for no reason and i run away on purpose and he has to run too and i’m like dude, rocky, i’m just going to the fucking bathroom, R-E-L-A-X. it’s like he learned how to walk yesterday. aw but he’s so cute. i’m going to go cry in my wine now and think about animals.