oh noes wasaga beach burned down!

matching wallets party.

i can’t direct-link to the post i want you to read so scroll down to poignant penstrokes nov. 27 2007 on radmad‘s blog.

“this is my favourite excerpt:

and maybe that is why i like talking to you
i get the sense that you share a bit of my healthy discontent
with the ordinary worlds in which we find ourselves

it is the attitude that nothing is ever just right
we can get close – so close -
but there is forever an unfinished project ahead

and this is why it is so important
to be as optimistic and energetic as we are
there is alot of progress to be made

then read the comment sj left:

You damn bloggers never see the big picture.

Nothing is right?


What is right?

Why must there be something to be content about?

Can’t you crazy people be content just being?

Or are all of you manic control freaks??

Very confusing lot!
sj | 11.29.07 – 12:31 am | #

oh and then i morphed back into my smaller original state.

hit it so hard my hair went curly.

sideboob look out lohan!

this is my impression of how i select merchandise at leon’s.

i am a levitating grasshopper how do i have a boyfriend?

here is my future prediction, you will be wasted and you will bump into someone you know and then you will eat something and then go to the bathroom and you will be five dollars poorer. ps. rad tights.

gill gets red-eye in all pictures cos she has stupid huge pretty blue eyes oh and the psychic she saw told her this (more or less), oh really and water is wet you say? nice try.

that’s brit, we are like besties now, well at least we were last nite i hope my magic hasn’t worn off her yet.

sorry i was looking for the BABESROOM it’s here? nevermind found it.

hey liam cirque du soleil called they said keep it!

such nice hair who is that retard beside her?

i swear brad is utterly incapable of having both eyes open simultaneously, that’s like not knowing how to breathe.

this thing is more and more like a potato sack everyday we might have a new item on raymistore soon.

what the hell what? it’s NOT wet it’s the crotch seam shut up!

for some reason we were rippin’er for a little while in this crappy little corner beside this boring office door.


back tattoo is jenny, she stood me up once when i was 19, we bumped into each other at the bar and she couldn’t escape me, it was beautifully awkward and i got fully denied a free martini in front of her by the bitchy bar wench, perfect.

hahaha look how glazed over my eyes are. that’s tiffany she is like, obsessed with me and i kept bragging to fil how much she likes me, no, REALLY likes me, she REEEEALLY likes me he’s like please shut up.

marcella on the left was pretty blasted by the end of the evening and our conversation was like this ASRGRDHEPOJG*&^kbKV;OVGDVDFLVDHOI no you are hot no you’re hot no YOU you YOU!

i know sign language.

tiffany told me these were her brothers, her family, and i’m like oh ok so you are all adopted then? ahahahaha. i’m glad they didn’t hear anything of what i was saying. they all work together, hi guys!

i stuffed that pillow into gill’s purse.

now i want a candy cane.

uh oh no shoes i know what that means…

not to be a lesbian or anything but i kind of want to… oh nevermind.

yes we are dancing to home for a rest go canada! speaking of canada, yay!

on my lunchbreak from the paper mill i am yes.

fuck you peter pan i GOT THIS!

uh oh caught mid-dance move.

dudes please, i’m riverdancing in a blue strobelight do you mind?

karaoke pierre is on my facebook now creating masterpieces such as this.

they are testing the fire alarm right now and it is destroying my already destroyed from last nite brain. here is some holiday party drink tickets advice, seems like an awesome idea to use all of them, but it isn’t, but you are going to do it anyway, try not to?

i danced on (with?) a stripper pole at the NOW magazine party and i fell and scraped my shin and knee and made it look like i meant to do it and knelt down to talk to wendi, i hope whatever photo guy they hired for the nite annihiliates every single picture he took of me. someone stole my beer when i was up there, so i stole someone else’s merry christmas.

fil ruined oysters for me too, i could’ve gone my entire life happily unawares of those buggers being alive when you eat them. THANKS FIL!

we just had a shower together and fought the entire time because he was criticising my techniques like fuck off then ok pal! i was narrating everything i was doing as i was doing it “…and then while the conditioner is on my hair i take my fingers and swipe off all my mascara… and then i put soap on my hand and put my hand in my ass crack… and then i don’t wash my feet anymore, i’m over it…” you should try having a hangover shower party it’s like, not at all fun.

before that a fire alarm dude came in and i was all delerious and the room was moving and he noticed we don’t have a battery in our smoke detector i said yeah we have it somewhere and he said i had to show it to him and i knew we threw it out because it became warped from hanging out in the bathroom (steam) too long so i walked around pretending to find this battery we don’t have and i said oh i guess we must’ve lost it he said he would have to write us up i go what does that mean a ticket? like the police (didn’t say that but implied it by saying ticket) and he laughed at me and i closed the door feeling like the biggest tool ever like the time i asked the paramedics if they ever shot anyone before and they’re like uh we save lives, oh right, then why do you wear SWAT team suits?

true story.

oh yeah remind me to go on a rant about jian ghomeshi later, dude like, hates me, sorry zero sense of humour!


this is from my hag fag henry

Happy Holidays

You loverly lady! Here‘s a deal for you I made me-self.

Merry Xmas from ME and my FIL

scrapbook from london/oxford 2000

everyone had these elaborate books that they brought from canada or bought in england, we were told we would need two books, which actually turned into three, one tiny guy for walking around with, a bigger more proper journal and then a scrapbook for putting all your receipts and various findings in. i didn’t want to spend more money so i just used my sketchbook and thus, sloppiness ensues.

there were a handful of drawings in the beginning i couldn’t stand to tear out so i made it look like i painted them in england hahha.

uug drawing feet sucks.

what a liar i didn’t even bother to match the ink colour.

my mom was a bit clingy oh mom.


right after i had my drastic hair change i found this flyer.

now-defunct thanks 9/11!

they took my big white fluffy towel i brought from home and i never got it back fuck!

by dude who cut my hair. i stood him up. not intentionally i just forgot.

in hyde park we each had to make up an activity for everyone to do, this funny girl sara made a bunch of these dares or whatever you call them, she’s a great drawer (is that a word?) i’m going to try and find her on facebook. i remember our teacher did a dare he had to roll down a hill and scream like he was on fire, hilarious guy.

knightsbridge was our tube stop, that’s where harrod’s is. swank.

oh god another message from shogo leave me alone i feel bad enough already!

i’ll post the second half later on, there’s a german assignment i thiefed off the wall by mick jagger’s son, james! he went to st. edward’s and also confetti from the wedding on our campus that george harrison was at.

loser out.

i think i am lactose-intolerant, on our way into the suburbs i felt mega-ass queasy and delicate, fil said ok that’s enough lets go to your doctor i said something’s not right but it isn’t necessarily flu or something, i do think it’s food-related. anyway i am finally fucking better but i am going to avoid all dairy just to be safe what the hell am i going to eat now milk/cheese is a part of every favourite thing i love to put in my mouth i will kill myself if i have to turn vegan.

fun post to come and then i have to enter the world of felt.

ok i wanted to put my theory in action so i put some ice cream in my espresso and now there is a thunderstorm in my stomach and i think there might be a violent explosion in my pants-urrea shortly.

you’re welcome.

what should i do with my hair?
dye it black
add teeny blond streaks
let it be
Free polls from Pollhost.com

matching sweaters.

he refused to see that the yellow bit of the design IS ACTUALLY YELLOW, soft buttermilk yellow, but still yellow, not white. this argument entertained us for a good five minutes.

then i made him laugh so hard he cried i’ll tell you why some other time, basically i was bragging about how perceptive i am, i’m like new jack city when it comes to street cents and fil has finally lost the ability to humour me when i go on these tangents. FINE!

i sold the deer painting, sorry nerd ladies fighting over it.

not as good as the time we had them with jamie and deb.

sirloin bites, wrapped in bacon, delicious. i was way wary of them though 1. because when i lived in maine my ex-bf got violently ill from undercooked scallops wrapped in bacon and 2. i just had mildish food poisoning way to go menu choice!

my fashion style is kindergarden.

lunchtime leftovers, is this red glare killing your eyes as much as it is killing mine?

that’s a bit better but kind of disgusting looking. that’s spicy peanut chicken.


jackthealmighty: hi

me: hi

jackthealmighty: u use adsense in ur blogs right?

me: no

jackthealmighty: how do u make money through ur blog?
can u tell me

me: no
make yourself an institution on the internet then people email to advertise with you and want to buy your art and wares and book

jackthealmighty: oh ok
thanks a lot

me: i cant use adsense cos of nudity

jackthealmighty: ok
r u free now?

me: why
im always on this thing and doing stuff

jackthealmighty: ok

me: is english your second language

jackthealmighty: ya

me: oh
cos you type really slow

jackthealmighty: lol

me: what nationality are you

jackthealmighty: INDIAN

me: do you read my blog all the time

jackthealmighty: to be true
i see ur blog once a week

me: oh thats ok i was just wondering cos i see you on here and you say hi then you sign off
how old are you

jackthealmighty: 20

me: what do you do

jackthealmighty: i am doing my final year degree
instead i am doing a multimedia course

me: where do you live

jackthealmighty: where means
my state ?

me: in the world, city country whatever

jackthealmighty: lol

me: why do you like my blog
oh neat

jackthealmighty: city+chennai

me: why is your name jackthealmighty what does that mean

jackthealmighty: u share ur personnel things
my real name is lingesh
jack is derived from a game character

me: what game

jackthealmighty: far cry
do u play games?

me: sometimes
what does your character do
are you talking about live action roleplay?

jackthealmighty: action and adventure
r u married?

me: basically yes

jackthealmighty: how much u earn in a month through internet?

me: why are you so obsessed with that

jackthealmighty: nothin just asked about it

me: it fluctuates
and is personal

jackthealmighty: ok i wont ask again

me: how much do you make a month?

jackthealmighty: this is my first time using adsense
just got 60$

me: for how much work

jackthealmighty: do u wanna see my blog
just posted a some thing thats all

me: yeah give me the link im going to post this convo we had

jackthealmighty: lol ok
my site is not that good
is that ok
if u can click two ads
only if u can

me: thats pretty good
ok ill click all the ads

jackthealmighty: thanx

me: there i clicked everyting

jackthealmighty: thanks a lot
wats ur favorite drink?

me: alcohol

jackthealmighty: like brandy,rum ,vodka etc ?

me: its too early to talk about booze
you drink?

jackthealmighty: sometimes
wats the time now in ur country?

me: 12.38pm
what time is it there

jackthealmighty: 11:10 pm

me: wow
i am talking to the future

jackthealmighty: wat?
thats true

me: yes
i drank bad milk and i keep going to the bathroom brb

jackthealmighty: lol

*fil doesn’t believe that bad milk goes through you that fast, it exp. nov. 24 (didn’t smell bad) so i said i dare you to drink some milk right now if you don’t believe me, and he did. now i am worried we will be fighting over the toilet. i just went 4 times in an hour and if you saw what it looked like and felt what my stomach felt you would not have drunk that shit.


i love you!


ps. happy birthday blog! here is the very first post on ye olde blogspot i ever plunked in. umburrussing! and while yer at it here are all the other stupid things i wrote during that month.

fil just told me he has to buy lesbian deodorant. 2 points if you know what that means and who invented it.


read this guy’s comment see i told you so.

oh i’m SO happy for you what an awfully wonderful awful surprise!