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i think i am lactose-intolerant, on our way into the suburbs i felt mega-ass queasy and delicate, fil said ok that’s enough lets go to your doctor i said something’s not right but it isn’t necessarily flu or something, i do think it’s food-related. anyway i am finally fucking better but i am going to avoid all dairy just to be safe what the hell am i going to eat now milk/cheese is a part of every favourite thing i love to put in my mouth i will kill myself if i have to turn vegan.

fun post to come and then i have to enter the world of felt.

ok i wanted to put my theory in action so i put some ice cream in my espresso and now there is a thunderstorm in my stomach and i think there might be a violent explosion in my pants-urrea shortly.

you’re welcome.

what should i do with my hair?
dye it black
add teeny blond streaks
let it be
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