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had a neurologist appointment today and it seems to be that i do not have multiple sclerosis though i still have one more mri to go and this time it’s for my spine. the doctor made a freudian slip when he was looking at my bottle of green ice tea, my dad said it was a nice bottle and the doctor said YES SHE DOES HAVE A NICE BODY i mean, it IS a NICE BOTTLE and we pretended it didn’t happen.

saw the “incomplete” backstreet boys video and what a silly piece of crap that is. these guys are older now but they are still trying to pull the whiny i’m so sad and in love and in so much pain acting and the obligatory jesus/michael jackson, sand in my fists blowing into the wind poses, singing at the sky with eyes closed and being stranded in a desert. the song isn’t all that bad but you know if you’re changing your sound as a whole why not go the full mile and stop with the pussy music videos that make my grandma seem like rob zombie in comparison.

if you want to buy me a totally overdue birthday present then email me and i will send you a link to my wishlist. it’s one of those email invite ones only.

ps i am bored so if you are not on my msn list and also bored, add me to it already, ie rock n roll nig, deadly, paige, etc etc –

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went to see stars wars revenge of the MOST BORING PIECE OF SHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY ENTIRE LIFE yesterday afternoon. i actually slept through more than half of it. i moved one of the arm rests and laid across two seats and passed the fuck out. the movie is total crap and what’s worse is all the hype for it. i rate it NO STARS. ya ya it is necessary to see it because there are like eight-hundred other ones and if you don’t see this one you will always wonder about it, you know what, don’t. worry. about. it.

that c3po douche bag’s voice is annoying as hell. um, since when do robot’s have faggoty british accents? also it’s fucking obvious from the beginning the chancellor is the sith lord because he talks in that sneaky evil way when he tells annabananakin to kill that dude right away i was thinking THIS GUY IS BAD NEWS THEY BETTER WATCH THEIR BACKS YO and then i was right so i stood up before falling asleep and proclaimed to everybody in the audience SEEEEEEEE I TOLD YOU THAT GUY WAS EVIL.

and then there are 300 kids sitting all around you talking and eating their evil little kid popcorn and candies during all the quiet parts so you pray for the whole movie to be full of loud explosions to drown them all out. one kid near us kept picking up his drink, taking a sip, putting it back down, picking it up again, taking a sip, putting it down it’s like holy shit kid just HOLD ON TO YOUR FUCKING DRINK and you can’t even swear at these kids ‘cos their parents are there too.

we were sitting in that row by the stairs with the metal bar to rest your feet on and also protect fat retards from somehow falling out of their seats in the dark and diving down the stairs, anyway, all the ADD little boys going to the bathroom were irritating ‘cos they’d swing from the bar and it was loose and our feet were resting on it and every few minutes a new little shitkid would go to the bathroom and do it again.

i am never going to see a movie again where there is bound to be all the kids in the universe sitting beside me in the audience. except for NARNIA, that movie will fucking rule and i will sit in the very front for it with stickers on my face and if i hear one person speak i will swear at them in italian at the top of my lungs until they take me away and ban me from all movie theatres for life.

last nite i barfed and then i watched a half hour of infomercials about food and the magic bullet and then i dreamt i was hanging out with james hetfield and then these jehova witnesses kicked down the door and kicked me in the throat and threatened to kill us all and i talked in my sleep like linda blair and said A MAN BROKE INTO MY HOUSE AND KICKED ME IN THE HEAD and fil rolled over and i immediately woke up and said oh i was talking in my sleep and he said yes, not happy talking though and i felt embarrassed for my culty whisper speak.

i’m giving up beer. my belly is too big. i haven’t been this gargantuan since i was 17 after england and breaking up with that older guy. don’t worry i’ll still drink wine.