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Snow bunnies

Hey gang what’s up!

Just over here making the best of this Snowmageddon Snowpocalypse, if you will and not go absolutely bat shit insane so let’s do a super post. I’d like to do something with all the pics I take and also am enjoying adding flickr to my phone so I can instant-upload plus there’s fun filters which I use to muck about with AGES ago but not via flickr that didn’t exist yet. I used this janky little photo site to edit and resize photos. I tried to make everything look like hyper-colour hipster party posters oh, don’t get me started.

Everyone adopted this method, my blog and others’ blogs were all populated with these crazy “arty” looks and all these camera dorks popped up out-dorking one another with photos of fire hydrants in shadows, sad-looking chicks with sick fashions, dark, vacant streets, birds, live music shows blown out by stage lighting… man those were the days.

You see my point.

I like how an effect on certain photos offers an instantly old-fashioned effect then you start remembering, feeling nostalgia, feeling things period. This is why we are, this is why we art.

I always found that writing was an escape for me but I stopped doing it and escaped into other things, common things. Netflix. Consuming dose after dose of garbage and cinematic art, input mode with little output. Cooking. Chopping things up into little squares, throwing my passions into that and refining it. I bet I have chopped a thousand onions since the pandemic began.

When I blog here or have before I picture people reading it and then I just keep typing until I start to feel too exposed but all I am talking about it seems like is nature trees leaves dirt and sunsets so why do I get in my head about it. Like, just do and don’t look back.

This November marked the 21st year of me blogging away which is cuckoo bananas to me but also awesome I am paying for my photo account and my server costs so may as well just keep at’er.

We have been living in a snow globe for awhile now it’s starting to feel like a simulation.

I believe it was Friday night, I actually can’t tell the days anymore, we walked down one of these streets in the snowstorm at night and kicked a little green ball I bought, we do what we can to occupy ourselves usually involving something fun and also we are very competitive.

The game was, kick it past that driveway and, call out that that’s how far you were going to kick it. Kick it past the stop sign, the tree, the foot print up ahead ahhaa. My right foot (ankle) is still healing somewhat I guess as its been sore from all this extra horseplay lately.

This is photographic evidence that I made it past the sign post, he didn’t believe me. See that plonk in the snow? Yeah that’s what I thought. Nice try.

It was truly coming down.

Valentine’s Day walk down to the bay, it was completely frozen over.

You can see the moon. Adorbs.

Before the sun went down.

We didn’t walk on it, not that stupid. Mighty tempting tho.

Those are some intense icicles yo.

It was fun having a quick chat with the die-hards ploughing and/or shoveling their driveways as we kicked the ball home. Yeah it’s gonna snow til Thursday skipping Tuesday which judging by the snow falling at present, was incorrect.

There’s just something magical about walking in the snow in the middle of the street there were very few motorists its got dreamy vibes. We saw a fox here too, he looked at us then disappeared beside a house, we forgot about him, then he looked at us again, a warning, then darted off. Maybe it was the same one who tracked me before, specifically ME, and then barked at me. We never heard a fox before, they squawk, it was so strange. He was warning me because I looked like a large threat with my fur hood and coat I am not even kidding it bee-lined right for me from across a parking lot trying to be all tough when normally they flee. Then when he was close enough he did all this bark-squawking, Jesus Christ (bf says more like a yip). I was trying to give him some feed or peanuts whatever I could grab first from in my purse and also wanted to film it at the same time but there was no time. I sure got told he barked and barked and barked at me while walking along this break-fence in the park and then took off. I was trying to be his friend! lol. There are lots of trees surrounding this park which is perfect fox territory so we were pumped to find a new little place to hang out at which the fox did not like.

We’ve had a couple tackling each other in the snow attempts but no snow jobs yet. Well actually I did kick some snow yesterday I can’t remember why but am sure he deserved it.

Okay I am done looking at snow pictures too. There has been a lot of this and the competition is leveling off wait I don’t know what that means I just mean I was smoking him in the beginning and now he’s learned from the best so it’s neck-and-neck in the polls. My Dad got us this other game for xmas we are going to crack open soon so wait to see it.

This was a good buy. Rather intense but perfectly so if you’re in the right mood for it, which we were and then there’s a college station on the radio that played all the same stuff so that was wicked.

I decorated for V Day weekend I am a sucker for a theme and a geek for holidates, all that crap.

Definitely one of the trashiest shirts I own given as a gift from a gf who couldn’t bear to wear it either I don’t think it fit her otherwise this is so up her alley haha.

Been attempting to limit all the things shown in this picture.

Okay I have hit a wall. Gonna have to To Be Continued this one, folks.

Have a good one!

xo Raymi

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  1. It looks like you were walkin’ in a winter wonderland. Great idea for a song, I think I’ll start working on some lyrics and – wait, nevermind…

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