so i did a pretty good job of depressing the fuck out of myself this afternoon, no one called, no one emailed. i walked from room to room sighing out loud and then i made kale and soup and changed outfits a hundred times and played katamari and fixed myself some vodka blueberry drinks. i would have bummed around outside but i’m sick and being sick + inside on a sunny day + alone = throw me off a bridge. SO GAY. being sick as in cold/flu is worse than a mental illness sometimes, everything is just, ten times more dramatic like, WAH I CAN’T OPEN THIS BOTTLE OF WATER I AM GOING TO LISTEN TO THE SMITHS AND FUCKING KILL MYSELF.

i’m so glad i am no longer a teenager.

i would have finished reading why we are hungry (eggers) but my head is too stuffy/heavy-feeling and playing katamari was hard enough. i think i caught maybe 4 episodes of that 70’s show in the background and gave cid 2 time-outs.

gonna try and go to in-flight safety tonite if i am not too a) ripped or b) ill by then.

i’m bored and sick and fil is getting his motorbike and it is too early to harass people into hanging out with me maybe. i have to get a new bike or get my oldschool peewee herman one fixed, the back tire. maybe i’ll make that kale and organic split pea soup thing with onions and garlic. i’m too pathetic to even do that thanks for getting me sick fil.

if you have my number call me if you are in toronto and into whatever.

my spacebar is fucked.

hung out with hunter yesterday afternoon. i exchanged some shirts and got a skirt that resembles:

a lampshade

a sack of potatoes

a genie hat

a tent

a parachute


hunter bought pants from club monaco that are white and very jason collett now i want fil to have white pants and then have a white party! me and hunter spent an hour making fun of people in a funny way that i cannot describe right now.

then me and fil saw friends with money and it was a good movie to space out to though fil thought i was way mad at him afterward and i wasn’t i was more like whatevs and he thought i was like WHATEVS nice try fil!