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so i did a pretty good job of depressing the fuck out of myself this afternoon, no one called, no one emailed. i walked from room to room sighing out loud and then i made kale and soup and changed outfits a hundred times and played katamari and fixed myself some vodka blueberry drinks. i would have bummed around outside but i’m sick and being sick + inside on a sunny day + alone = throw me off a bridge. SO GAY. being sick as in cold/flu is worse than a mental illness sometimes, everything is just, ten times more dramatic like, WAH I CAN’T OPEN THIS BOTTLE OF WATER I AM GOING TO LISTEN TO THE SMITHS AND FUCKING KILL MYSELF.

i’m so glad i am no longer a teenager.

i would have finished reading why we are hungry (eggers) but my head is too stuffy/heavy-feeling and playing katamari was hard enough. i think i caught maybe 4 episodes of that 70’s show in the background and gave cid 2 time-outs.

gonna try and go to in-flight safety tonite if i am not too a) ripped or b) ill by then.

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