the best game ever obviously is Mall Madness. Everyone who comes over is so forced to play it with me. And look, i found some geeky site devoted to telling u absolutely every fancy detail about the game. it rules because 1. it teaches little girls how to be total airheads who only care about shopping and credit cards and 2. the electronic voice is so faggy, sometimes he says, “Your item costs ffffive dahhllers More.” fag. haha.

I am the biggest stupidest dumbest girl in the world. and i am sick of this blog and the limited editing shiz that goes along with. arrg.

whatever. go here. now. click my ass for more sexy images, sluts.

i refuse to go see the pope. fuck him. damn catholics.

i learned my lesson last nite. empty stomache + substances = sexy barfing in front of everyone at a secret fancy after hours pahhtay. third nite in a row i’ve stayed up ’til five A fucking M and now i think it’s finally catching up to me. Just watched Office Space and ate a hot dog and some chips. anyone see the thick nasty fog last nite/morning? ridiculous. i just realised it was saturday. i have one of those jobs with effed-up, irregular hours which gives me plenty of free time therefore – everyday is the same. a mini-holiday if you will. rrright.

Yo fuck tha’ PO-Leeeece.


go to this guy’s blogthing. i try and read it sometimes but then i get wicked confused and think he is like maybe fifty years old and i am like, sigh, i can’t handle this shit so i stop reading, but i always go back because my world is so small, err, the sites i regularly go to, i mean. what the fuck am i saying? POST MEANING

got really wrecked last nite, dag nasty. stumbled home around 5 in the morning. if i so much as even look at alcohol right now my head will explode. hic.

Apple had this fancy ad campaign to lure PC people over to macs, most of them were dumb and boring but THIS ONE was the best. they pulled it ‘cos they thought the girl might’ve been all baked. you’ll need quicktime to view it.

hurray pictures are back up. here’s something i spent a ridiculous amount of time on

click for my coolness page

oh yeh, u guys should check out SUPERJUDGE cuz i said so. he said nice things about me. he did. and i didn’t have to ask him to.

right just one more thing, for those of you not in-the-know, THE G SPOT is the place where all the cool cats hang out, otherwise known as the shittiest guestbook ever. yes. go to it.

my pictures are down today. meh. sorry. this fat italian old guy said to me as i was riding my bike thru a yellow lite which eventually turned red, “red lite red lite stop stop.” and i’m all “fuck off.” true story. then as i was eating pizza on a bench this loser guy comes up to me and sits down and tries to talk to me and so i pretended i was german and didn’t speak english but then the guy starts speaking german so i say sorry dude, i just don’t wanna talk to you. i’m here to eat, not to talk. then he walked away. then i finished my pizza in silence. the end.