be sure to check out EUDORA at Sneaky Dee’s the 24th of July. I’ll be there.

this woman told me off yesterday becuz she was walking her fat self across the street and i was riding my bike in her direction, tho’ nowhere near her,

“It’s a red light for you too!”

…peddle…peddle, peddle…finger raise…peddle peddle peddle…

Yup, i’m going to hell.

i am so impulsive. i just dropped 287 bucks on a new bike. the chain on my old one was all fucked up and jammed and crooked and bent and arrrrg i am so mad. i hate spending money. i go to this dinky little place and ask the asian dude to fix my chain and he goes, “no no no not on saturday. saturday busiest day for me.” i look around and there’s no one in the store other than me. “uhh, ummm, sure..well can you do it?” “Yes i can fix it.” “Today, yes or no?” “No.” “FINE!”

at the second place the dude tried to un-jam the chain but said that he’d have to take apart the whole mechanism and get me a new something-or-other but it couldn’t be done til thursday. so i walk it to this other place but the guy is in belleville and his assistant in a wheelchair asks me if i wanna smoke a j and wait ’til the dude comes back. no thanks i need a fucking bike today, dammit. so i go back to the place where the guy tried to fix it and say, i wanna trade in my bike for a new one. and so he shows me some and i buy one as well as a fancy U-Lock and then i ride away tra la la. and you know what, i’ve a perfectly good bike at home but do i bother to wait a few days before i can get my hands on it? ‘course not. that’s not the way it works when yer hypo-manic.

WET HUSSY NITES – date being set back. some shite film party is happenin’ at le b-side instead. we’re not as important. i’ll keep you posted as to when the nite is a go go. ah hell. someone comfort me. my life is hell. bah.

talking about the weather is totally lame and all that i know, but man, fuck, this heat is just killing me. it turns me into a complete lazy, greasy slob who won’t leave the house ’til it gets dark. i swear it. plus i ride my bike everywhere these days so it gets me doubly sweaty/exhausted. smoking when it’s hot also sucks. you can feel your insides burning and u get wicked lightheaded. i wish i had AC. it would make not leaving the apt. more worth it and then i wouldn’t have to hang around the grocery store so much.

oh something is ridiculously fucked with this blog. yes i know there is a blurb that i repeated up there and it has that durn “edit ::) shit beside it but i can’t seem to be able to delete it so fuck it man. fuck it.

i did five stupid things last nite:

rode bike along bloor for twenty minutes in the wrong direction

decided to ride back but then was too tired

was going to take subway back but as i was carrying my bike down the stairs the chain fell off and so i spent 15 minutes trying to get it back on. got grease/oil all over myself

was a turnstile entrance thing and i had no token to get thru, so going all the way down the stairs, having bike chain fall off wasn’t even worth it and then when i went to the other entrance i was so out of breath/exhausted that i let go of my fucking bike and it fell all the way down the fucking stairs

was 1.5 hours late in meeting friends.

my life is hell. yes. anyway, here’s a poem-thing i wrote. Ode to Pharmaceutical Narcotics