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hit it so hard my hair went curly.

sideboob look out lohan!

this is my impression of how i select merchandise at leon’s.

i am a levitating grasshopper how do i have a boyfriend?

here is my future prediction, you will be wasted and you will bump into someone you know and then you will eat something and then go to the bathroom and you will be five dollars poorer. ps. rad tights.

gill gets red-eye in all pictures cos she has stupid huge pretty blue eyes oh and the psychic she saw told her this (more or less), oh really and water is wet you say? nice try.

that’s brit, we are like besties now, well at least we were last nite i hope my magic hasn’t worn off her yet.

sorry i was looking for the BABESROOM it’s here? nevermind found it.

hey liam cirque du soleil called they said keep it!

such nice hair who is that retard beside her?

i swear brad is utterly incapable of having both eyes open simultaneously, that’s like not knowing how to breathe.

this thing is more and more like a potato sack everyday we might have a new item on raymistore soon.

what the hell what? it’s NOT wet it’s the crotch seam shut up!

for some reason we were rippin’er for a little while in this crappy little corner beside this boring office door.


back tattoo is jenny, she stood me up once when i was 19, we bumped into each other at the bar and she couldn’t escape me, it was beautifully awkward and i got fully denied a free martini in front of her by the bitchy bar wench, perfect.

hahaha look how glazed over my eyes are. that’s tiffany she is like, obsessed with me and i kept bragging to fil how much she likes me, no, REALLY likes me, she REEEEALLY likes me he’s like please shut up.

marcella on the left was pretty blasted by the end of the evening and our conversation was like this ASRGRDHEPOJG*&^kbKV;OVGDVDFLVDHOI no you are hot no you’re hot no YOU you YOU!

i know sign language.

tiffany told me these were her brothers, her family, and i’m like oh ok so you are all adopted then? ahahahaha. i’m glad they didn’t hear anything of what i was saying. they all work together, hi guys!

i stuffed that pillow into gill’s purse.

now i want a candy cane.

uh oh no shoes i know what that means…

not to be a lesbian or anything but i kind of want to… oh nevermind.

yes we are dancing to home for a rest go canada! speaking of canada, yay!

on my lunchbreak from the paper mill i am yes.

fuck you peter pan i GOT THIS!

uh oh caught mid-dance move.

dudes please, i’m riverdancing in a blue strobelight do you mind?

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