holy moly look now boots are named after me way to go deisel coolness stealers! i like them in this colour better.

did you know that you could faint from the pain of ripping out a teeny hanger off your toenail in the bathtub and see stars? fil was playing wii and i almost called to him to warn him that i was in serious pain from this little nail growing all wonky from the last two-thousandth time i tore my toenail apart (habit), i wanted him to know what was about to go down in case i did pass out and drowned in a half foot of water (yes that painful) but i didn’t bother because i sat there looking down at it and in-between praying (yes) and chanting some non-sensical mantra i got the idea to just squeeze the hell out of my toe to stop blood-flow and hopefully pain-receptors too i dunno i’m not a surgeon. anyway it worked and i ripped it out. i only wish the brilliant idea to squeeze my toe occurred to me sooner when i was 1/4 millimeter by 1/4 millimeter eeking the beginning stages of that fucking nail out of there, wincing and crying pathetically the whole way.

why christie is single. a brief tour of suicide girls is interrupted by a dungeons & dragons manifesto oh man.

i was stalking your blog as usual, and came across a picture that
screamed toilet to me for some reason. anyway here’s the end result.


this dude has been frostbiting it in the fridge for over a year now, fil was so hung sunday i decided it was time to part ways.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! the fact that it is barfing itself out of itself is not a good omen.

when i grocery shopped as fatraymi i used to throw in a bunch of cheap “meals” because we are both garbage disposals and finish EVERYTHING that enters this condo within 24 hours, not kidding. anyway, we finally put our foot down with doing that. it’s quality, not quantity.

99 cents worth of pure ecstasy.

everyone keeps telling me i am going to lose my ass if i keep losing weight and to that i say sorry, impossible.

and YOU wish!

welcome to the ten millionth episode of good idea bad idea.

i had a pet cat named sheeba who looked exactly like this guy. sigh. siamese cats are awesome because they are insanely neurotic.


looking at the time the first picture was taken and then the last picture of the empty plate, there was a four minute difference. savages.

5.30 in the morningish, maybe 6 who knows.

right before i ex-communicated cid to the hallway towel closet, dude is the size of a football field and kept attacking my arm because it was in his way.


i accidentally shook way too much salt all over it and had to get another plate (a new plate not a new piece of fish, i’m not an asshole) i am trying to think up a funny salt joke comparsion but i can’t. oh i know it was like that scene in pure luck when martin short chooses the ONE salt shaker danny glover purposely fucks with to test how bad martin’s luck actually is. i love that movie i think it is in my top 20 of favourite comedys of all time. i was angry because i was already regretting eating this pile of grease and then to top it off i poured cardiac arrest all over it.

seriously way too much. when we ordered fish n chips for dinner as a kid we would get ONE order of chips to share between the four of us, one to yourself is just gluttony.

ps. WHAT THE FUCK!?!?!!!!! it’s like the fountain but ten million times more depressing because it is real. video of it here. fil doesn’t think it’s real because the guy’s ponytail is too nice, yeah thanks expert.

“rum does not get me drunk.” – captain patrick pitt.

me doing roy orbison karaoke video.

uuuungh this is what last call looks like i spilled my whiskey the second it arrived. got another one though, for free.

ok this is pitt doing elvis costello. you’ll note he gets told to get down off of a chair by an irish bouncer, i knew it would happen, but encouraged him to stand on it anyway. i think the irish thing gave him about ten seconds extra for his little chair performance.

our first chippy’s experience.

ordered two lunch specials way too much food.

if you bring in a rental from queen video you get half price chips, we planned to do this, but stupidly returned two movies before going to chippy’s cos we were toying with the notion of going to see a movie so no rental, and thus no half price chips. meanwhile i have two rentals in my fucking purse and if we had just waited half an hour longer, or even had the sense for this to occur to us like, period… smrt!

oh wait i’m wrong fil says you get a free side in addition to your order, so like coleslaw or tartar sauce, still we fucked up.

not feeling so hot.

i wonder when i’ll get my first heart attack.

this enormous woman was on her lunch break talking on her cellphone and eating at the same time and she would say certain things that made me think she was talking to me and i kept turning around to respond. isn’t the point of a lunch break to not talk?

we are about to embark on a chinese food adventure now so i don’t feel like looking at or posting more photos of these guys. i ate like ten fries then packed the rest to go with condiments and all that and gave them to this nice homeless guy who always says nice things to fil and i when we pass him. he said how did you know that i eat? pretty funny.

then we went to see the mist at scotiabank theatre, killed time at indigo first. i think from now on i can only see matinees. walking around indigo with bloodshot eyes and a whiny demeanour, FUN! i bought my dad a birthday card (nov. 28, also same day as my blog’s anniversary too) and i also got him a children’s book of a christmas carol, his favourite holiday movie.

perfect weather to feel shitty by.

i can’t think of anything that i actually want this year other than a new laptop and money which i don’t expect to get, i’m happy enough just looking at xmas junk and deluding myself into thinking all is right in the world and my life is as good as a christmas card.

yeah this was funny in grade 8 when we fought over sharing all the things written on panhandler’s signs we saw in big bad toronto, it’s ten fucking years later, i think it’s time to step it up a bit, i mean, i don’t have a job so i try to be as clever as possible to make up for it. there’s your verbal abuse pal, but you weren’t around for me to say it so no change.

yeah it’s weak, what do YOU got?

*update* i didn’t beat nausea at all. i tried to go back to sleep but the second i closed my eyes a tidal wave of spew almost came out of my face so i’ve been watching garbage television on the couch since i last wrote here. fil says his stomach feels queasy too he thinks one of the mediterranean dips were bad, i only had 2.5 perogies. i am never ever eating anything again OVER IT! oh except i am going to inhale some fish n chips later on because i watched restaurant makeover redo a fish ‘n chips shop and when i see pictures or video footage of something i can’t get on with my life until i acquire it myself.

should i call the pourhouse and ask them how they plan to compensate me for my hours of lost sleep and 40 dollar bill because of their sunday night cuisine, or let it go?

i guess i could email them pictures as proof.

i’m not going to bother, next i go back there, if i go back there, i’ll mention it to a waitress and see if she’ll pass it on, oh who cares.

me right now.

i take some of my blog titles out of this genius book.

evil delicious perogies! i guess i have developed a sensitive palate when it comes to starch and grease now, you deprive yourself of something you truly love and then one day decide i’m going to go wild and indulge. idiot.

i like this house, if you squint you can see the head of a bald white dude in the left window, he had a tuxedo tie undone around his neck and a tuxedo shirt and was just standing there, maybe he was talking to someone at the bottom of the stairs, i don’t know. he looked lost.

christie has like fifty french roommates, they were all out. lets see if they notice my little gift. my mom was born in montreal so i am permitted. we were all going sacrebleu! in french accents after i did that.

look what i got.

a mysterious friend gave me it.

this is a picture of my ass. the bed is a mess of all my laundry because up until the last minute i was planning to go to that playboy party, i tried on many outfits. i did watch the girls next door when i got home, though. i asked fil if i can buy him the box set dvds for christmas and he pretended to not like the idea. it’s really a gift for me. i like the wet blanket one the best she is wicked manipulative and needs a lot of attention, she reminds me of j. good.

if anyone from playboy is reading this, yes i will be in your magazine.

i think i beat nausea and now i am starving haha.


since i’m awake i may as well post pictures of mila kunis, the most fabulous female on television since mary tyler moore. (i heard she was 15 when she started on that 70’s show can you believe it!)

Mila Kunis and her family moved from Ukraine to LA when she was 7.

Mila Kunis has 2 different color eyes; one is green, the other is blue.

Mila Kunis’s given first name is Milena.

Mila Kunis learned to speak English from watching the Price is right. She said Bob Barker talked slow enough for her to understand him.

Mila Kunis’s favorite comedians are Robin Williams and Adam Sandler.

Mila Kunis’s hobbies are collecting teddy, beanie & ceramic bears, swimming, bowling, shopping, ice skating and learning golf.

Mila Kunis missed her senior prom due to a schedule conflict.

Mila Kunis’s favorite food are Pop-Tarts and Panda Express.

i give this post 6/10 for stalky.

and omg.

unnnnngh i am wearing a blanket right now and have been awake since 5am. i cannot eat perogies-type foodstuffs, i have nausea gutrot and i am trying to beat barfing. this is like that one time after eating at eastside mario’s with my dad a medley of pasta stuffed with disgusting and crabcakes.

why come when you feel sick all you can picture in your head is every puke-inducing thing you ever ate?

this hour of the day is madness. you feel like a spy and any activity or movement outside the window has to be a ninja, there is just no other explanation for it.

and no i am not pregnant i just finished my period. and we didn’t go to that 70s playboy party either, we visitted christie and laura, and stupidly drank the caesars and rockstars* i told her to get us, then shared perogies and a mediterranean plate at the pourhouse.

*the rockstars were her idea though i did not oblige them.

i woke up at five thinking of a wicked burn about how christie already has stuff on facebook by the time i wake up she probably starts uploading it from the club she’s at before she gets home. then i had two glugs of brita water and it triggered something so here i am now how wonderful.

burn on me she hasn’t put anything up yet.

this is so lame! i was on the couch thinking about people and existence (I KNOW!) and trying to lie in positions that wouldn’t make vomit happen, thinking about how gay it is to be thinking about strangers i don’t even know then i started getting mad at this person who doesn’t exist for making me think about them at 5 in the morning while i am so sick feeling on the couch and what a selfish prick they are. i am big into transference in case you didn’t know.

i am drying out for at least a week and i am not smoking either, that’s the shit that puts me over the edge, having a cigarette when i’m already feeling knackered, so stupid, and it gets me everytime.

here i am smiling because i just opened that big bird present. in his back you put a cassette and he would narrate a story for you and his beak moved, i also had a snow white and the seven dwarves book with cassette and put it in big bird sometimes to see him talk like a woman because i was gifted.

ok because i was an asshole.

guess how fun it is trying to get snowpants over your shoes and pants after inhaling rum all nite long and getting a shirt over your sweater it’s like trying to do the frontcrawl underwater IMPOSSIBLE! (you look like the creature from the black lagoon, try it on a younger sibling of yours it will scare the shit out of them btw.) fuck, who knew underwater was a compound word, i didn’t. thanks google and while i’m at it, am i the only one who thinks it is ironic that compound word ISN’T a compound word? i mean REALLY people.

from shrapnel.

hahahahhahaha slurry rum trivial pursuit party video.

here i am getting a question wrong don’t laugh at me, i heard beer and then i couldn’t focus on anything but. at least i am cute.

napoleon dynamite opening credits commentary by raymi and pitt video. don’t trip over the slurs. pitt says the white stripes song reminds him of me and fil because we are like jack and meg aw what an irish potatohead with a heart of gold he is, not unlike a leprechaun HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA oh fuck i am funnier than dave chappelle right now.

oh god i found a video of myself on the internet i forgot that i uploaded.

does anyone want this? i’ve worn it like never and washed it after every use, it is size large (still on the small side) i just can’t pull it off, you have to tie it wicked tight around your neck and stand 180 degrees and pose like a model. i paid 55 for it, and now it’s 50, but you can have it for 35. lemme know.

i tried it on cos we are going to a 70s playboy party tonite and i was going to wear it with short shorts but i looked like a fucking plum and i am too insecure to deal.

Phil: ha
why should compound word be a compound word

me: a compound word is two words together

Phil: should ‘long’ be longer than 4 letters then

me: the word that defines what it does/is should at least be a compound word itself, lead by example
yes it should

Phil: ok

me: look at my blog title

Phil: k

me: on a roll i told you

bottle on the right he won in a limbo contest in the dominican.

last nite, hurricane pitt came to town with not one, but TWO bottles of rum. i don’t even know where to begin telling you the events of last nite because one of my eyes isn’t working and i feel like i am in an acid flashback. fil spent the majority of the nite when we got home from karaoke (yes that’s right, retirement for this guy’s officially now OVER) sleeping on the bathroom floor. pitt kept saying how the funny thing about rum is it doesn’t get him drunk, like, at all and while sharing this information, yelling it rather, he was speaking with words that don’t exist, boxler for example, in lieu of boxer. lots of shlore-type words actually, the letter L is a tricky mistress once rum gets in your mouth. i remembered just now that we somehow watched napoleon dynamite in its entirety while pitt regailed us with a tale about some girls who coudn’t hold their martinis one nite on the town, scoffing at them like old chaps sharing brandy in the cigar room, oh fuck we were blasted. we watched the leaf game too, and thank god i made us dinner, pitt showed up with only a snickers bar in his belly. we even played a round of trivial pursuit? what? i know! and THEN we went out to do karaoke and sang four songs! pitt may or may not have bribed the manager of the pub to get us to sing one more song each.

last nite was so successful we are not going into the suburbs tonite for dinner.

cid really hates guests he is such a humongous needy asshole, excuse his spread.


i had to forcibly suggest pitt to join us on a rum time-out and have a brew instead, fuck, by comparison it was like drinking water, polished it off in a few short minutes.

we finished both bottles of rum by the way.

i tried to time it so the picture would get his post-spray reaction, i jumped the gun a little fast. next time hombre.

i suppose for copyright purposes and to cover asses this “kurt cobain” playing piece isn’t left-handed.

i look fifty pounds heavier when i smile jesus christ.

i look like an insect from a bug’s life haha good burn me.

pitt accused us of cheating a million times and memorizing answers because we were slaying him and due to the rum it was hard to express how retardedly easy it is to get answers right hello it’s 90’s trivia!

that palm pilot is hysterical to me right now i must be drunk still.

look what happened to sheena. and this is my new favourite blog she is hilarious and don’t ruin it for me like every other blog i link to and fill it all up with retarded opinions and comments thanks, the shitshow stays HERE!