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scrapbook from london/oxford 2000

everyone had these elaborate books that they brought from canada or bought in england, we were told we would need two books, which actually turned into three, one tiny guy for walking around with, a bigger more proper journal and then a scrapbook for putting all your receipts and various findings in. i didn’t want to spend more money so i just used my sketchbook and thus, sloppiness ensues.

there were a handful of drawings in the beginning i couldn’t stand to tear out so i made it look like i painted them in england hahha.

uug drawing feet sucks.

what a liar i didn’t even bother to match the ink colour.

my mom was a bit clingy oh mom.


right after i had my drastic hair change i found this flyer.

now-defunct thanks 9/11!

they took my big white fluffy towel i brought from home and i never got it back fuck!

by dude who cut my hair. i stood him up. not intentionally i just forgot.

in hyde park we each had to make up an activity for everyone to do, this funny girl sara made a bunch of these dares or whatever you call them, she’s a great drawer (is that a word?) i’m going to try and find her on facebook. i remember our teacher did a dare he had to roll down a hill and scream like he was on fire, hilarious guy.

knightsbridge was our tube stop, that’s where harrod’s is. swank.

oh god another message from shogo leave me alone i feel bad enough already!

i’ll post the second half later on, there’s a german assignment i thiefed off the wall by mick jagger’s son, james! he went to st. edward’s and also confetti from the wedding on our campus that george harrison was at.

loser out.

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  1. Wonderful post, Raymi! Hey I play this game called Draw Something2 & you might enjoy it, it’s like pictionary and you can make some righteous pics on it. Anyway, many people use the word drawer & I questioned it to but apparently it is a word, just seems awkward. Anyway thanks and congrats on your awesome blog!

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