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oh noes wasaga beach burned down!

matching wallets party.

i can’t direct-link to the post i want you to read so scroll down to poignant penstrokes nov. 27 2007 on radmad‘s blog.

“this is my favourite excerpt:

and maybe that is why i like talking to you
i get the sense that you share a bit of my healthy discontent
with the ordinary worlds in which we find ourselves

it is the attitude that nothing is ever just right
we can get close – so close -
but there is forever an unfinished project ahead

and this is why it is so important
to be as optimistic and energetic as we are
there is alot of progress to be made

then read the comment sj left:

You damn bloggers never see the big picture.

Nothing is right?


What is right?

Why must there be something to be content about?

Can’t you crazy people be content just being?

Or are all of you manic control freaks??

Very confusing lot!
sj | 11.29.07 – 12:31 am | #

oh and then i morphed back into my smaller original state.

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