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matching sweaters.

he refused to see that the yellow bit of the design IS ACTUALLY YELLOW, soft buttermilk yellow, but still yellow, not white. this argument entertained us for a good five minutes.

then i made him laugh so hard he cried i’ll tell you why some other time, basically i was bragging about how perceptive i am, i’m like new jack city when it comes to street cents and fil has finally lost the ability to humour me when i go on these tangents. FINE!

i sold the deer painting, sorry nerd ladies fighting over it.

not as good as the time we had them with jamie and deb.

sirloin bites, wrapped in bacon, delicious. i was way wary of them though 1. because when i lived in maine my ex-bf got violently ill from undercooked scallops wrapped in bacon and 2. i just had mildish food poisoning way to go menu choice!

my fashion style is kindergarden.

lunchtime leftovers, is this red glare killing your eyes as much as it is killing mine?

that’s a bit better but kind of disgusting looking. that’s spicy peanut chicken.


jackthealmighty: hi

me: hi

jackthealmighty: u use adsense in ur blogs right?

me: no

jackthealmighty: how do u make money through ur blog?
can u tell me

me: no
make yourself an institution on the internet then people email to advertise with you and want to buy your art and wares and book

jackthealmighty: oh ok
thanks a lot

me: i cant use adsense cos of nudity

jackthealmighty: ok
r u free now?

me: why
im always on this thing and doing stuff

jackthealmighty: ok

me: is english your second language

jackthealmighty: ya

me: oh
cos you type really slow

jackthealmighty: lol

me: what nationality are you

jackthealmighty: INDIAN

me: do you read my blog all the time

jackthealmighty: to be true
i see ur blog once a week

me: oh thats ok i was just wondering cos i see you on here and you say hi then you sign off
how old are you

jackthealmighty: 20

me: what do you do

jackthealmighty: i am doing my final year degree
instead i am doing a multimedia course

me: where do you live

jackthealmighty: where means
my state ?

me: in the world, city country whatever

jackthealmighty: lol

me: why do you like my blog
oh neat

jackthealmighty: city+chennai

me: why is your name jackthealmighty what does that mean

jackthealmighty: u share ur personnel things
my real name is lingesh
jack is derived from a game character

me: what game

jackthealmighty: far cry
do u play games?

me: sometimes
what does your character do
are you talking about live action roleplay?

jackthealmighty: action and adventure
r u married?

me: basically yes

jackthealmighty: how much u earn in a month through internet?

me: why are you so obsessed with that

jackthealmighty: nothin just asked about it

me: it fluctuates
and is personal

jackthealmighty: ok i wont ask again

me: how much do you make a month?

jackthealmighty: this is my first time using adsense
just got 60$

me: for how much work

jackthealmighty: do u wanna see my blog
just posted a some thing thats all

me: yeah give me the link im going to post this convo we had

jackthealmighty: lol ok
my site is not that good
is that ok
if u can click two ads
only if u can

me: thats pretty good
ok ill click all the ads

jackthealmighty: thanx

me: there i clicked everyting

jackthealmighty: thanks a lot
wats ur favorite drink?

me: alcohol

jackthealmighty: like brandy,rum ,vodka etc ?

me: its too early to talk about booze
you drink?

jackthealmighty: sometimes
wats the time now in ur country?

me: 12.38pm
what time is it there

jackthealmighty: 11:10 pm

me: wow
i am talking to the future

jackthealmighty: wat?
thats true

me: yes
i drank bad milk and i keep going to the bathroom brb

jackthealmighty: lol

*fil doesn’t believe that bad milk goes through you that fast, it exp. nov. 24 (didn’t smell bad) so i said i dare you to drink some milk right now if you don’t believe me, and he did. now i am worried we will be fighting over the toilet. i just went 4 times in an hour and if you saw what it looked like and felt what my stomach felt you would not have drunk that shit.

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