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lets not pretend this is something it’s not

hamburger shirt retrieved from alicia‘s tickle trunk garbage bag, one of many. oh and the necklace too. thanks pal.

8 thoughts on “lets not pretend this is something it’s not

  1. you are very welcome. :) i am glad it is getting worned, weared? worn. take care of that little guy. he is very very sexy in summer patio beer drinking situations

  2. I love your shorts…my waist is to short for high-waisted pants. I’m a little jealous. I adore your style…Hey, I have these high tops I’ve nere wore… they are gray and have a short heal, do you want them? wait size do you wear? they are a nine… I’ll post a pic on my blog…you can check ‘em out. If you want them I can send them some place and you can have them if you want.

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