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I always fly Harth Air

We have roller girls on the bill now too. Check out Jazmin’s Solo from our last gig at The Bovine.



We do weddings. You’d be surprised how many receptions request live entertainment now, and in front of the kids too, so exotic and progressive.

Bunny and I danced together with the Harlettes. yes that is similar to Harth Airlettes. The Harth boys are to blame, coincidentalish name, so we’re called harth air (air is sharper than airway) and I had to add something dancey to it so you’d know we were flight attendants. If you had a better idea than “lettes” you should have spoken up.

Maybe I can fly Harth to Germany cos I’m big in Düsseldorf! look!


I’m Robin from Germany.

A few friends of mine and me are running a Hardcore music print fanzine. The main content is hardcore related but we even have metal, emo(core), a bit rock and other stuff. Besides this we are reporting about environmental topics and lifestyle.

We even have a huge online community and seperated mens only and girls only.
In the girls only area your blog has been linked from time to time.

So I thought, why not to do an Interview with you.
I don’t really have a script right now, but I think it might be interesting for some of the people down here about how your blog went that big and especially the person behind all this.

if you like that Idea. please hit me back


Robin Outspoken

Düsseldorf in Germany


I Have been dying of curiosity about what they are all saying about me over on that forum, getting traffic to tumblr and like bananas. Guten Tag! Can’t wait!

Wonder if my Gulag had anything to do with it too. I’ll blog a video of Jasmine Valentine’s burlesque performance from SO LONG SUMMER up here in a moment along with more photos of the HARTH HIVE. Sean said they spoke to ANDY MILONAKIS for twenty minutes yesterday and I can’t spoil anything else. I can’t believe this is happening. I am going to take the boys to yuk yuk’s next week for a night out VIP RAYMI style. I must convince Alkarim to allow me to groom/exploit him more, he’s our Jeff Goldblum! The entire Harth cast of characters are a dream. What’s next, toadstool hallucinogens with Joe Rogan? PROBABLY!

4 thoughts on “I always fly Harth Air

  1. Raymi Lauren White
    Blogging Pioneer

    Raymi the Minx aka Lauren White or, Raymi Lauren, built her brand at the age of 17, spawning in 2000. She is a pioneer of blogging and was amongst the small pool of bloggers during its first wave of popularity in 2002, drawing the attention of The National Post and SEX TV. A provocateur savant, unabashed black sheep of the digital age, influencer, trend setter, wordsmith; has been a MUST READ in the Toronto’s hip and in-the-know arena for over a decade. Raymi is on par with media, a notable invitee to all the to-dos, touted as the Penny Lane of Toronto (long time music industry ties), muse to the stars, spearheads a bounty of fellow Little Raymis with copious pop-up copycat raymi blogs. Multiple times over viral, donning garb and trends before you got over the last one. Raymi has singlehandedly made a business of her personal everyday life, is a spokesmodel for a plethora of elite brands and has successfully married her hobbies and passions with business, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between the two. You need to meet her to fully experience and grasp her special brand. A closet feminist, comedienne, exhibitionist, Raymi wears all hats and didja know, she’s HUGE in the foodie scene too, not to mention, a rapidly budding and requested burlesque dancer?

  2. Dear Babesicle Raymi,

    Feel free to set your Burlington pal up with this Bunny Angora lady, she is uber adorable.

    And I want.

    – Jimmy

  3. she lives in toronto and is a stud now good luck and come to our party. face to face is the charm, guy. use your smarts do i need to do a workshop for getting guys laid?

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