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when i am done showering i take all of the hairs that have fallen out of my head and stick them on the wall because it drives fil crazy and sometimes i even spell his name with my hair because i am a romantic.

i watched million dollar baby this afternoon and i’d like to give a special shout out YOU ARE RETARDED to every person who told me that was a good movie. ??? uh, i didn’t cry once, everyone in that movie talks stupid and really quietly so i didn’t get that she was paralyzed ’til like 20 minutes after she told morgan freeman that she was. when clint eastwood euthanizes her she doesn’t say goodbye or i love you and neither does he, i was expecting some big holy shit that was emotional scene but i didn’t get it.

if you want me to ruin the ending of any other movie you are planning to see just let me know.

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