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art show closing party TONITE remember!

COME COME COME COME COME! i have some fresh zits on my chin for you to look at, snakebite zits.

painted it anyway, i’m sure someone will take pity on its fucked up leg, someone who smokes lots of weed and is missing eyeballs perhaps?

butterface is now complete.

i didn’t want to change my blog around today so i could work more on art which actually means yes i want this extra procrastination gift so i let the nerdery convince me of taking the leap today but i at least have come up with some new painting ideas. (in my head) (in the shower) (like half an hour ago) last minute creation has always been my style. give me weeks and weeks to obsess and stress and fear and be uptight over some thing i’m supposed to do and then the nite before/day of i’m sitting on the couch hunched over like a crazy spazz.

wow. disgusting. i’m disgusted. “you” “people” “are” “disgusting” “wild” “animals” “holy” “gross”.

20 thoughts on “art show closing party TONITE remember!

  1. yeah someone should stampede those people off a high cliff like the sioux used to do with the bison. just put a walmart sign on the edge of the grand canyon or some’m.

  2. what the fuck is wrong with people? i hope they were satisfied with their ‘rolled-back’ bargoons. barbarians.

  3. ha for a sec i thought you were talking about my art show i was about to get really confused and angry for a sec. oh wait i’m always confused and angry never mind.

  4. I am so revolted by people right now since I heard this I don’t even want to go Christmas shopping. There is no end to people’s gluttony and it’s going to sink the planet.
    I like the new look.

  5. That bit of news is so fucked up and rage inducing… what is so important that anyone needs to trample anyone for?

    Your chair painting turned out cute and I’m liking the new blog design and it’s random changes after I refresh (yes I do that… a lot.)

  6. I actually thought that was a joke headline when Josh read it to me last night. Bleh. Did you participate in “Buy Nothing Day”, Raymi?

  7. Dig it. So long to all the old comments, though, eh? (Let me know if your nerd web designer friend figures out how to migrate old haloscan comments to the new system.) But yeah, it’s about time.

  8. this layout is the best so far i say.

    i am back in LA and therefore sad to miss your party. i want to buy things though = things meaning art, so let me know what’s buyable when you get everything back home again…. unless you totally sell out and in that case please save me something FOR ME!! i need love and presents. HAPPY ART DAY RAYMSIES! xoxoxo, your cripple.

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