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date with the nite rockband

success! made it to the one of a kind show and sale after all, mad swag bag hook-ups, i couldn’t eat any of the fancy breakfast specially for us media whores, coffee pleased me just fine as well as some chill pills. it was great meeting people who are really pumped to meet you and your brain and mouth functions are set to zombie, i tried my best. i shall share with you this experience shortly. you must go and experience this for yourself though in real life, many great unique finds and you have til dec 7. i hooked up three geezers with passes, it’s the outing of the year for them, so cute and their daughter’s boss said he went in the 80s on acid ahahha and saw all these buttons with funny faces on ‘em and laughed hysterically with his friend for hours and the stall dude kept them there cos the big acid cafuffle was makin’ sales. good business tip, give someone acid and make them hang around your art stall, yeah that’s totally fail safe, nothing could go wrong because acid is totally predictable.

oh and another success the wine fridge went today wheeeeeeeeeeee!

2 thoughts on “date with the nite rockband

  1. omg. my mom called me at work yesterday because they had called her and were blown away with the free champagne and pretending to be ‘with the media’ all day!! hahahaaaaaaaaa. i will tell you more later!

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