More ski show minx hi-jinx.


Follow me through the magical trade show. Lots to do and see, people to chat with and the province of Quebec to annoy lol.

No alcohol in this, fine I will drink it anyway. I went through the whole day coasting on coffee pizza and pop, pretty teenagery of me. Raymi Assimilates. It’s actually quite true: Absorb and integrate (people, ideas, or culture) into a wider society or culture: “pop trends are assimilated into the mainstream”.

The boarders all got mad hooked up. Make sure you check it out next year it really was a good way to get jazzed about winter, which I for one NEVER get jazzed about.

I am what you’d call a hype girl ambassadress. Can we put that on my next business card design thanks.

I like this guy’s look. I told him I liked his hat, he was like, sure, thanks. I am a hyper-complimenter when I am shy or nervous so if I compliment something unnecessarily about you, that is why. I like your pen!

My pants blend in with the snowboards.

Make it snow.

Stack of five dollar bills? And before I could say make it rain money he dropped them all over the place lol.

I love Quebec. oh look Bonhomme. Bon-us! LOLLLL.

Glamp it up.


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