Loudawgs lifers now.

You are beautiful.

2 smoked lemon southern teas
. Delicious.

We had three pounds. This is the third pound.

We tucked in to some serious eating I love that my shirt looks like I have a huge stomach. Caring is last season.


ANd the night before.

Went to Sauza sin in the Distillery. Great times. Groovy times. Waiting on those party pics.

When Courtney was done with her costume I took over for her. One man’s trash, is another’s treasure. I am sorry this is how you are finding out I am really a man. Hashtag sorry.

RepTdotO and I. See my tons of effort. It is painful that I have 400 costumes at home. Tonight should be truly interesting then. #poletergeist.

Sergio <3.

Scene change!

Artistical moment.

Band-aid nail polish matchy. I wish my hand looked as nice as this right now haha.

She made us take the streetcar again. It was a nice relaxing time, we had a nice talk.

Tequila party. Hey Jesse.

Oh well, alright.

The servers had amazing painted on masks.

Bro was taking it in to be appraised.

Back to work. Had a decently normal and early night. Feeling well rested but Saturday rainy sleepy. Listening to a Parkdale symphony orchestra of sirens right now slurpin’ on some s-bucks. Fancy dinner party later. Then Poletergeist and right now I must interview my next PBE subject! Check it don’t wreck it, peace Raymensteins.