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Blogably speaking

Am I getting double stink-eye here? Probably. Nice work colleague.

What’s up girl.

Oh it’s me talking what am I saying? Talking internet!

Evidence of listening.

I know I blogged this one before already, don’t care. I like it. HI MARTA!

See. No one minds.

Thank god it’s over here are my people.


Lisa and Anum. Bloggity blog-a-bangity-bang uhh, fill the rest of that Kid Rock ditty in yourselves thanks I am busy working on my next joke. The guy in the red shirt laughed at all my jokes during the panel AND made that face you’re supposed to make when you are inspired by something that was intentionally-profound in sound.

Look it’s a listening and sharing triangle. Lisa and I TORE IT UP in San Diego (that one time in San Diego) at Blogher. I bet I could write a book about those four days. I bet mommy bloggers would tout it as their next 50 shades of Craymi. RIGHT!!!

This dress and my slacking on giving a care about my posture, demeanor overall is reminiscent of my cave-like roots. The dress is cheetah print, very subtle, like the skin of a Barbarella amazonian jungless.

I love Donna. This kid, 10, was also on my panel. He is a hockey blogger. My mind goes ballistic thinking about what I’d have done with the internet at ten years old therefore I dig the kid.

And I liked that we had a conversation both not looking at each other. I am as shy as a ten year old boy. WHO IS A FAMOUS INTERNET SENSATION.

@Sportsconnected that’s him. Yes I know we have a difference in brands I think it’s pretty awesome though, panel-attendees asked him what he would blog about during the strike, he made some jokes about that. Like a real adult omg we just sat laughing and staring with our mouths open. I forgot how precocious kids can be especially when egged on, as they should be, push that personality to its limit. You think I was precocious? You betcha.

This little girl was in love with me too her mom stopped me to tell me and congratulate me on my talk. WHAT! AWW kill me with cute overload why don’t you. I should just quit blogging and go in to babysitting already, I bet I would make more money ahahaa.

Exactly. This is the Molson sample room so I am buying anything they’re selling lol.

Engaging with the peeps. I do way better in an environment like this don’t get me wrong I love to sit at a rised-table and dole out Raymisms too but my flow is just so much better at eye level with a drank in ma hand. They should have a pre-game room.

Alright lets do this.

I am great with on-the-spot ideas.

With Anum on board, no problem.

Lightning bolt finish? You got it.

Fun is fun attracts fun.

I made them delete the one where we were fake running through the paper finish line because my face looked fug.

That’s the one! You’ve seen it.

And that is how it’s done. I suppose.

And that too. It is not macaroons but it’ll do. Anum and I wanted to go on a macaroon-eating date picnic in the park. I know right? Right.

Gossiping, duh. J/k just filling her in on all things Raymbot.

I can’t wait til my hair is long.

Oh hi Ammar.

Hi you.

Best photobomb.

Off to the Ritz for a business meeting.

Face check.

Who’s gonna ride your wild horses? I am.

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