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And there we go

Some more of zeese for you.

I had a whole folder from the first day of shooting but now I can’t find it. Oh boo.


Sensible lunch. Maybe not for the pop. I was mad thirsty though.

Love Trap repeats all weekend long here’s the show schedule. There are also outtakes.

Some loser in Windsor said these pants make me look like I have a big ass (and that I do not have a big ass) um it’s just that I am UBER curvy bubble butt girl and I am post-Aruba skinny so it can appear as though I got one, but I don’t Thanks for scrutinizing. I am sure your ass looks loads bigger than mine from sitting on it bored and irrelevantly all the time in WINDSOR.

Practicing my bunny hops.

Mmm I can’t wait to have wings tonight with Raymbecca. I’m her husband now apparently

Guess it was pretty jittery material, too bad. Had fun bombing down the street multiple times all the same.

Trap day shoot.

Had to put shirt inside out, you could still tell anyway. OH RAYMI.

Got yer clutch on camera Tarek. :)

Lots of hurry up and waiting onset or where is she go get her lol.

Trap dress. Evan said I looked like a diner waitress, but also had hipster chic. Like I don’t care but I care.

Then we painted and the rest is history. Or, her-story. Haha feminists. Kay bye! TGIF.

4 thoughts on “And there we go

  1. guy’s nuts! I love those pants on you. Like crazy. It doesn’t make sense that beige pants look so good on someone.

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