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Adventures of Raymbecca™? On it. Locked and loaded.

Last night we killed it.

Hey it’s me your unfortunate leader. I mean, unfortunately for you it’s still me ring-leading this confusingly influential blog.

Hey look it’s hipster hair, limp lifeless brown hair. I made it to the winner’s circle. It’s great to be back.

Thanks wide open you treated us very well. BTW these guys are tight with FSlocal.com you know those guys that played internet 20 questions with me? Yes them. Read it if you missed it if you know what’s bad for you.

And thank you London Taphouse/David! You were very good to us too.

Were we dinks? Weren’t we?

Fashmion shmow! Werk it, “werk it”, drink it, work it, give someone stink-eye, perfect!

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Don’t go away mad (just go away).

That blog title is a thing a guy said once about a chick and him always fighting you know when couples marathon fight and it’s kinda semi-passionate albeit inherently exhausting and sometimes you just have to walk away mid-fight take a breather? Yeah, those were the days. Kidding. Anyway, it was Barb’s soft-launch going away dinner get-together and one time my friend Allison was going away (she never actually left though despite having a huge-mongously successfully largely-attended going away party) and when I blogged it I think I blog post titled it something like GO AWAY ALLISON because I am cute like that. Henceforth, you get all the connections and no we do not want to lose Barb at all. I am sad she’s leaving. Good luck in the UK and give Holly a hug for me! (turns out my title is a motley crue song, go figure!)

This is at Plank, in Bronte. It is the new spot. There’s a huge demand for modernized-urban style flare restaurants out there because this place is always packed and they hit it up weekly usually the same night the Coach has karaoke and then “s–t goes down”. Ha. I tell you this is how I know I will partying for the rest of my life.

See? This was last Saturday night. We ripped it up. At first were all def clocking a 2/10 for the party. An hour after that we were chomping at the bits for some wilder times. And did we make it? Well, what do you think?

Cougar cabbage patch kids. No they are not actually cougars but still, when younger bros mill around and give ‘em/us all the thumbs up, it kinda feels like it. There is certainly something to be said for younger peeps fan-girling elder gals who own themselves at bars, mommy issues FOR SHIZZLE. It really is a ball though.

I love how my outfit looks like an outfit at home then pajamas in pictures. Whatever. I was going understated sexy french and it worked at the second venue we hit.

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Who do I think I am? Who don’t I?

Oh hey, you’re still here? Fuh-ine. Come along then.

I wore this sensible secretary/Marge Simpson dress all weekend long. I threw a jumper in my AA bag regardless. I forgot I had tickets to War Horse in my Nella Bella clutch, the show was Saturday night so I weighed my options – continue being a hangover waste of space on the couch (actually very favorable, Shannon and I kept it real for many hours horizontally on her L-shaped wrap around holla) or go to a frickin’ fancy play and even though I fought sleep 400 times during I made it through War Horse now give me my medal.

Thank you. Finally, some much earned recognition. Hey there Anum. Anum thinks I am awesome for some reason so we are friends now DEAL WITH IT.

Back to the program now. My hair is getting longer, healthier. Fading yes and poker straight fine/thin from once being wizard white platinum but still, getting healthier and longer all the same. It will be a luxurious homecoming treat to be a mermaid again.

Strawberry earrings.

Booking it cos we is down to the wire, for my rock star panel. How rockstar.

What is this Woodbine racetrack?

Should have taken the skywalk. That is a Toronto regional-specific joke!

Oh look there’s Rannie.

‘sup Rannie. I have known that kid ten years. I like how we all rise together. #daps.

Look how excited Anum is to meet/hang with me I am so happy for her! juh-juh-juh jokes! This conference coverage (YES ONCE AGAIN) will be a two-parter. I’m using my crappy camera’s pics first. Colleague’s next. There’s just too much kay? Deal. Then once Love Trap airs (Cosmo TV Wednesday night 9:30) I can blog all of my behind the scenes footage too. I am good content-wise for like weeks if I totally wanted. But who cares about the past? It’s a finite resource -Doug Coupland. (one of my favs).

And then, your hero had a business meeting at the Ritz. What. It could happen. And can I just say that hotel bar people watching is still the bee’s knees.

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All good from the Raymbohood


Round two fight. More Ski show materialssssssssss. There’s just so much. The more you do, the more you hang, the more people like what you do and cover it for/with you, the more it accumulates. Can there be two of me’s yet please? Can I have that diaper wearing monkey Homer has yet thanks? Don’t you love it when bloggers complain? Me three.

I love interactive high-stimulus ish to do. Putting on a hat can stop the world. I didn’t want to mess with my hair too much so I didn’t pull it all the way down over my head. I feel like I know/should know exactly what character this is and from where it originates. There’s just so much beat and the pulse one can actually manage. Complaint numero deux and yes I know that’s not the right saying but you get the idea now dance.

This day was all about pants.

My co-horts for the day. DJ Hussy and Dan the MC. Solid set. It is nice to jive and meet with people who are just as “with it” “down for it” “a character” as you and let the hi-jinx begin. Also, being at a trade show event all weekend long people can get really interesting.

It was just totally awesome. It was a big real deal show, massive. So many vendors, so many people. I did the gauntlet several times and discovered new things all over the place, then every half hour a jib jam competition where I got to engage with the pro-stars, audience. Capital FUN TIMES. This is why I do what I do and love what I do.

The fake snow fights that I started, also fun/ny.

SIIICK. Lots of talent out there. And so young and brave.

All put to tunes that get your adrenaline surging. I am totally one of those crowd hysteria types where I go hyper bananas at the sound of cheering/raging/clapping. I like-it-a-lot. (Forrest Gump voice).


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Oh just some things I had did.

Alright newbs it’s trade show host time.

Going out as painted art was a neat idea I had. People interacted with me all day like we wanted, well, I wanted. Fun social experiment.

Sometimes I go a little bit far with it. #Diva. Give them the Raymi is what I always say.

Colleague just captures these moments and I can’t even recall why or what I am doing. Meh. It makes for good entertainment. I Think? Hello is this thing on.

What’s up Jessica. Plej workin’ with ya. Media Office coffee privileges holla!


Let the raymes begin. Ooh this show was a rush.

SO much adrenaline, tunage, bright colours everywhere, falling snow I had a really good time. Combing the venue, the stalls, the people I met, the looks I got. They hyped me on the mic a lot too, then more people talked to me after that I was in attention-getting pleasure overload.

I got to be her. The girl of my stupid dreams I invented. Don’t get me wrong I’m ubes shy so I ignored a lot of people too blaha. Lots of young shy boys so double-negative passing ships.


Yep there I am again.

The first time I chucked some t-shirts to the crowd my heart was pounding so hard too much attention but I made sure to not throw like a girl and then I went back to holding a snowboard award like a Canadian version of the teen choice awards ahahha it was awesome.

I am very good at just standing around looking extremely eccentric so this was the perfect thing for me to do on Sunday.

Going zen.

Nothing but hi-jinxing around all day :).

Best trick award handling responsibilities. Big times. One kid got sponsored by a brand of some sort who won the whole jib jam comp. Gnarly.

Make way.

Look what I can do. This is how you snowboard, right?

BRB Salad time with Bechnique.

TO BE CONTINUED. More footage here!!!!!!!

20 Questions With…Raymi Lauren from Playboy Energy Drink Canada

click to reeeeeeeeeeead man.

Name: Raymi Lauren
Occuptation: Blogger & Playboy Energy Drink Canada writer.
Twitter: @raymitheminx

Bio: Raymi is as sexy as she is social, so it’s no wonder her blog is one of the longest running of its calibre in Canada. Check out Raymi’s blog daily for diary-style updates on her escapades around the city. Also, find her writing as Raymi Bunny for Playboy Energy Drink Canada.

Favourite Toronto street: Noble? lol kidding. I enjoy Queen West, that is my jam. It is long and dotted with lots of crap to do it’s pretty straight forward. Ossington also rules.

And we did have tacos that very same night. Thanks FS Local! Funterview.

We will eat this much hot sauce.

We ate that much hot sauce.

Then we had wings last night at an s-hole but this time I wasn’t ashamed because we went to a different s-hole and it had a palm tree in it. WINNER! I will be adding more garbage to this post periodically throughout the day. Hard maybe on that one.

I love eating. I am turning parts of my brain off today in preparation for my conference panel tomorrow. I have to reserve all my smart juices. SO basically I will be speaking like a cavewoman for the rest of the day on the internet so enjoy the ________.

Pigs. Cool budgeting bro. NOT.

I was so full by this point no more. Raymbecca killed it for us. Spicy caesars were an interesting idea cos you’re in a spicy spiral it just never ends then you get caesar bloated and want to die. We informed everyone who passed by how many tacos we had accomplished. 6 in 6 minutes. Booyah.

EWSGUSTING. but delicious. These were mustard hot ones, bech’s call.

We had enough french fries. I removed my nail polish the second we got out of here.

Oh hey there.

Farmer’s daughter are delicious. Ew lol. Well, ah. Ha. Okay lemon pepper also my favourite we had those too.

So many looks.

SO much feasting.

I’ve been busy.

I need a nap attack.