Own or be owned

Adventures of Raymbecca™? On it. Locked and loaded.

Last night we killed it.

Hey it’s me your unfortunate leader. I mean, unfortunately for you it’s still me ring-leading this confusingly influential blog.

Hey look it’s hipster hair, limp lifeless brown hair. I made it to the winner’s circle. It’s great to be back.

Thanks wide open you treated us very well. BTW these guys are tight with FSlocal.com you know those guys that played internet 20 questions with me? Yes them. Read it if you missed it if you know what’s bad for you.

And thank you London Taphouse/David! You were very good to us too.

Were we dinks? Weren’t we?

Fashmion shmow! Werk it, “werk it”, drink it, work it, give someone stink-eye, perfect!

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