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Own or be owned

Adventures of Raymbecca™? On it. Locked and loaded.

Last night we killed it.

Hey it’s me your unfortunate leader. I mean, unfortunately for you it’s still me ring-leading this confusingly influential blog.

Hey look it’s hipster hair, limp lifeless brown hair. I made it to the winner’s circle. It’s great to be back.

Thanks wide open you treated us very well. BTW these guys are tight with you know those guys that played internet 20 questions with me? Yes them. Read it if you missed it if you know what’s bad for you.

And thank you London Taphouse/David! You were very good to us too.

Were we dinks? Weren’t we?

Fashmion shmow! Werk it, “werk it”, drink it, work it, give someone stink-eye, perfect!


Lolo got me this shirt, it opens in the back and I cannot deal with not showing it off because from the front there is just no party there, it’s alll in the back and back dat ass up as they say. Who says that? I dunno people. I am just talking to myself all day long here that is the plan people.

Can’t wait to try that! LOL. No seriously I am going to dip a chip in some right now. Eventually. UPDATE: SO GOOD SO HOT I want it on a burger.

Has anyone ever just got up on the runway and started walking it? I would really enjoy seeing that happen. There’s still time!

OKAY 2 broke Girls, carry on then. Rebecca grapples with who is who. On the one hand, I am so the fallen-disgraced princessy one who can’t let go BUT my quips are high-speed like the mouthy one HOWEVER Rebecca is more hardened like her from years in the city. Hmm.


Wow you are actually attractive! #JessicaTandy hair. There’s better ones on my camera those will have to wait I am not d/ling that thing again.


Do I feel like a moron in this hat? Yes. Do people fricking love it? Yes. Did I have it before Moonrise Kingdom was invented? Yes. Will I make that annoyingly clear every time the subject of this hat comes up? Yes. Do I ask questions to myself and answer them out loud? Yes.

Sink basins are behind this, Raymbecca liked that.

More lights please next time. You gotta have a lotta lights if you’re gonna have a lotta mirrors, for the girls I mean, for their photos.

This is art. This can suck.

Look it’s my Bollywood friends. I danced with them. One wanted a picture with me (the hat I guess). They did many choreographed dances to their fav jams that David kept playing, the bar was empty save for us (early) and it was a very interesting time. One drink turned into 3, we loosened up.

See? They even had some chicks with them. College kid regulars.

I have some videos, I don’t think you can make anything out in them though, we’ll see.

What is this a blur music video? I wish. Bluren!!!!!!!

Great. Do you know what’s coming next?

Face time.

Time for more back. That’s my Dear Frankie bra. Love it.

Arm fuzz.

Rebecca will also be on Love Trap tonight giving one word answers about me. 9:30PM Cosmo TV. It’s going to be intense. For me I mean cos like, you know, world revolves around me syndrome. See how I have that one little Marilyn Monroe beauty mark. I am lucky.


Why do we always end up wearing the same colour shirt how does that always happen, 2 girls 1 brain?

We were so close to making it home, grabbed a bottle of champagne (one year best friendiversary according to the other me) then she’s like okay lets go back, shots shots shots. Do you regret that move now Raymbecca? Maybe the cake vodka shots but whatever, they were playing 90’s jams and Bechneat kept feeling that nostalgic beat.

Solid hot bartender Kayla.

Yes I am getting bored of this too.

Hey, do you work out?

How’d this get in there. See, I can be classy. That will be my next post, SCCTO coverage.

Alright that’s all folks. Putcha on tweet blast now. Have my next Playboy piece sorted so that’s good. See you around!

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