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20 Questions With…Raymi Lauren from Playboy Energy Drink Canada

click to reeeeeeeeeeead man.

Name: Raymi Lauren
Occuptation: Blogger & Playboy Energy Drink Canada writer.
Twitter: @raymitheminx

Bio: Raymi is as sexy as she is social, so it’s no wonder her blog is one of the longest running of its calibre in Canada. Check out Raymi’s blog daily for diary-style updates on her escapades around the city. Also, find her writing as Raymi Bunny for Playboy Energy Drink Canada.

Favourite Toronto street: Noble? lol kidding. I enjoy Queen West, that is my jam. It is long and dotted with lots of crap to do it’s pretty straight forward. Ossington also rules.

And we did have tacos that very same night. Thanks FS Local! Funterview.

We will eat this much hot sauce.

We ate that much hot sauce.

Then we had wings last night at an s-hole but this time I wasn’t ashamed because we went to a different s-hole and it had a palm tree in it. WINNER! I will be adding more garbage to this post periodically throughout the day. Hard maybe on that one.

I love eating. I am turning parts of my brain off today in preparation for my conference panel tomorrow. I have to reserve all my smart juices. SO basically I will be speaking like a cavewoman for the rest of the day on the internet so enjoy the ________.

Pigs. Cool budgeting bro. NOT.

I was so full by this point no more. Raymbecca killed it for us. Spicy caesars were an interesting idea cos you’re in a spicy spiral it just never ends then you get caesar bloated and want to die. We informed everyone who passed by how many tacos we had accomplished. 6 in 6 minutes. Booyah.

EWSGUSTING. but delicious. These were mustard hot ones, bech’s call.

We had enough french fries. I removed my nail polish the second we got out of here.

Oh hey there.

Farmer’s daughter are delicious. Ew lol. Well, ah. Ha. Okay lemon pepper also my favourite we had those too.

So many looks.

SO much feasting.

I’ve been busy.

I need a nap attack.


2 thoughts on “20 Questions With…Raymi Lauren from Playboy Energy Drink Canada

  1. Hi Raymi:
    Going to Toronto next week for a course but planning on going to Grand Electric for dinner. Is it as busy as all the food bloogers say? How is it after 8:00pm? Feel free to suggest other places as well. Thank you, oh and if your there I’m totally doing a shots with you!!!!

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