Who do I think I am? Who don’t I?

Oh hey, you’re still here? Fuh-ine. Come along then.

I wore this sensible secretary/Marge Simpson dress all weekend long. I threw a jumper in my AA bag regardless. I forgot I had tickets to War Horse in my Nella Bella clutch, the show was Saturday night so I weighed my options – continue being a hangover waste of space on the couch (actually very favorable, Shannon and I kept it real for many hours horizontally on her L-shaped wrap around holla) or go to a frickin’ fancy play and even though I fought sleep 400 times during I made it through War Horse now give me my medal.

Thank you. Finally, some much earned recognition. Hey there Anum. Anum thinks I am awesome for some reason so we are friends now DEAL WITH IT.

Back to the program now. My hair is getting longer, healthier. Fading yes and poker straight fine/thin from once being wizard white platinum but still, getting healthier and longer all the same. It will be a luxurious homecoming treat to be a mermaid again.

Strawberry earrings.

Booking it cos we is down to the wire, for my rock star panel. How rockstar.

What is this Woodbine racetrack?

Should have taken the skywalk. That is a Toronto regional-specific joke!

Oh look there’s Rannie.

‘sup Rannie. I have known that kid ten years. I like how we all rise together. #daps.

Look how excited Anum is to meet/hang with me I am so happy for her! juh-juh-juh jokes! This conference coverage (YES ONCE AGAIN) will be a two-parter. I’m using my crappy camera’s pics first. Colleague’s next. There’s just too much kay? Deal. Then once Love Trap airs (Cosmo TV Wednesday night 9:30) I can blog all of my behind the scenes footage too. I am good content-wise for like weeks if I totally wanted. But who cares about the past? It’s a finite resource -Doug Coupland. (one of my favs).

And then, your hero had a business meeting at the Ritz. What. It could happen. And can I just say that hotel bar people watching is still the bee’s knees.

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