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if ya’s missed it

That’s what starstruck looks like.

we’ll be performing it again Halloween style Saturday night with Red Velvet plus many more routines. 9PM Bovine Sex Club 542 Queen street W rsvp and get your name down cos you know it’s going to be slammed.

Helping each other is hot. Shoulda seen us rehearsing in the ring, al the instruments bobbling and bouncing and I have never had more fun than dancing in the ring with the roller derby chicks IN THEIR ROLLERSKATES wile andy milonakis raps. Sean you are a legend for the wrestling ring idea. It was mayhem. Looking over footage now and laughing my head off. BEST NIGHT!

Hot nerd babe girls everywhere.

14 thoughts on “if ya’s missed it

  1. Question: is that a wrestling ring? If so, there should have been a grand finale of jello wrestling !!! Yaaaaaaa

  2. How funny that you would put that caption about hot nerd girls adjacent to Wonder Woman. I bet you didn’t even know that she just got a job making video games at The Score!

  3. educated guess (i am a genius after all) hot asian girl, superhero costume at a conference after party HIGHLY PROBABLE she is geeky not to mention easily persuaded in to strangling me for a photo.

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