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Goldie Hawn for sale

It’s just too much yellow for meh plus I have the purple one and that’s enough, oh I dunno. Let the bidding war begin. Size small. No wait let me get my donation page, highest bidder gets it. Haven’t had as much time as liked to campaign for donations and maybe I am just a little bit scared of WALKING ON THE CN TOWER AGHH!

Whether you want to see me fall off the CN tower or not I still need to get rid of this dress haha. It goes to a good cause, and I want to secure a bunk bead for myself at their camp and tell them ghost stories, these little dudes were born with various facial deformities and whatnot, About Face camp gives them a bomb-ass summer, equipped with life skills for the future and overcoming their odds. I love this cause. Plus children love me and see me as Captain Kangaroo. I figure I could just pay my way up that thing but I like challenges and I’d rather the charity get it than the greedy CN Tower. SO PLEASE DONATE We thank you very much. :)

These are also the worst pictures ever ahahahaha. Sex show here I come!

Maybe I’ll throw in this stupid pink engraved raymi the minx diamond.

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