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The people vs. Jessica Rabbit

Teddy bear nappy time.

I wanted her to win!

Paddy’s friend went as an internet troll, that ugly dumb mask.

Look at me climb the thing at 1:30 I remember thinking at the time it was dangerous, when I fully extended my legs and stood up IN heels clinging to the tiny bar but it was Iggy Pop of me and I don’t half-ass a thing. This is how we opened, walking through the crowd and playing with them, it was fun to be in a mask and naked, a major kind of bizarre confidence and forcefield surrounding me, horny awe from the patrons Hehehh.

Red Velvet’s Jessica Rabbit number. F-O-X. I am SO jealous of Pastel Supernova in this video getting to motorboat her.

Oh Red Velvet, you’re a prize right down to your foot tattoo.

Jazmin says we are super on point here but also doing it on a flat surface is a luxury, far easier than a wrestling ring. Which, we also nailed. Except my underwear shows at the end of this because I am a loser, of course. I am Liz Lemon. I couldn’t feel my dress from the gloves and I needed double sided tape I suppose. You can hear people criticizing, comparing and judging us AHahaha.

Oh my eyes so lovely rolled back in my skull like that.

Look at how much she looks like her!

My body is covered by the cat ears. Nice!

Mom don’t you dance like that? That’s the Kerouac groove.

I wanted her to win!

James Photobombed all my shots with the girls. That’s our Pastel Supernova on the left there. I missed her performance boo :(.

I love this generation, look at the p0rnographers. I’m getting stink-eye in like every photo too.

Paddy did Glory Box and smashed out of this robot box YEA!

It was a tribute to my shaking Beth’s hand at Portishead a few weeks back. That’s the Black Swan beauty helping her.

So funny and then hot. I’ll post the Set List and then you can see how insane we truly are.

I fall down the stairs at the end of this, Haters, Elyse, you will love it. Teacher goes, welp, I know what video I’m showing the boys today. HAHAHHA.

Coincidentally we both had asian themed dances, I did Kill Bill’s Ninja. Will post another time this is overkill enough.

Also got Jazmin’s rumba ooh I’ll listen to that album today, soca zoomba music dance cleaning party with blog slave.

I’m a sexy nice dictator.

Pastel in my pink nightie thing looks way better on her. I think I look crazy in it. Maybe with a Valley of the Dolls wig.

Out of all my costumes you’ve seen, which one should I sport out tonight?

Pastel gave me last minute tassel swinging advice. Bounce and shake, bounce and shake. I want to get a small C cup I think it would be good for business, I could give a fuck about confidence (or your opinions on the matter) I got enough of that already. I have two more years til 30 I may as well stretch them out. Seven grand is a lot of money though, I need a sponsorship. Will blog for boobs.

What a legend!

There’s a mega poster behind bar of this. I can’t wait to see an xmas burlesque poster.

More stink-eye and I look like the Queen and that’s not my arm.

Can’t tell if that’s a hipster costume or a hipster or a costume.

I look like I am flipping someone off.


K blog slave is here updating periodically.

Look I was voted best dressed at the brickworks picnic I went to by Toronto Standard.

OK brb i’m going to post my pamela anderson baywatch bathing suit photos now.

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