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the west coast lurves raymi.

i always wanted to be a spy like matt damon.

today my project is to take pictures of all the shit i’m going to sell you’s guys.


1. the shitty ebay blog

2. raymi’s garage sale

i gots, lite brite, vintage playboys from the 60’s, original slinky from the beginning of time, some clothes and panties (drrty? sure. why not.), raymi merch., crappy art, uhh furniture, everything. i’ll host yer junk too. i’ll do the tracking/selling. i get a percentage. u take care of yer own ship./handling. and then there’s more. u can bid on stuff or u can barter. i swear. it’s great. and then on my new site, $1 – $5 galleries and $5 video halls.

won’t that be special.

and enough of this raymi sucks bullshit. relax. and someone please tell me who linked my small town slut article, the one that lead u hear. im too fat and lazy to wait a few days for google to get its shit together.

and if you didn’t get a chance to check ithinkmanic yesterday, you definitely should to-fucking-day.


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