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elusivity exclusivity

Someday I’ll be a writer again and finish all those stories I promised that’re in me.

8 thoughts on “elusivity exclusivity

  1. Amen Raymi…someday I’ll do that thing that I promised myself I would do if only I could find the time and space to do it in. My kid is 6 and he said to me today the days are flying by….surely at his age and relative size time is endless….at least that’s what I remember from being a kid, Jesus hurry up and do something for gods sake all of us!!

  2. new orleans is quite grand.
    brings back ancient memories
    we never knew we had.
    cool video.
    did you have a good time?
    tell me you rode the trolley.

  3. four times on the trolley or four times to new orleans?
    The biggest rat i ever saw (first and last time i ever saw a rat too) was from new orleans.

  4. true allegiance is based on what you steal. i’ve got a spoon. our waiter was a dick. i tipped him good just to make him feel like an asshole.

  5. then i can stop sitting at home and refreshing…all…day. LOL

    i switched twitter handles, i’m now @greenhkd. less drivel, all public.

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