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Hi don’t care have we met


Yesterday I dropped into this pizza place that I thought I hallucinated the other day when I ran by it. Dolly Parton and many other ecclectic things adorn this newly opened locale and why Dolly Parton? “Because she’s awesome!” I love this place. Son of a Peach. Please forget I told you though cos I want it all for myself.

And I haven’t even tried the food yet. They have sparkling ON TAP. It’s like the Pizzeria Libretto of Burlington. They don’t even know the power to which they possess yet. They’ve been open ten days. More on them later I’m sure I’ll be going a lot.

Went for a run/walk with mom yesterday. I decided to get fit, or just exercising again cos like, I old guy. I’m gonna challenge myself. Funny how the second you declare a diet you become insanely hungry all the sudden. Worst.

Ah gad this was whimsical as all hell. I love my neighbourhood and the reasons for choosing where I chose become more and more apparent to me the more I leave my reclusive little Raymi cave.

Wearing a dress on a windy day takes balls. Beige underwear too sorry tmi.

Being familiar with a particular place your entire life then living there is also quite unique. Maybe borderline surreal. I really enjoy the feeling of newness.

Like discovering a new place that meets and exceeds your expectations next door to where you live.

I’m saving Spencer’s for a semi-special occasion. No big deal really, just want to be dressed up and not tired as hell or go on some stuffy holiday.

A hipster tumblr music video should be filmed here.

I am running out of time now I have to cut this short and we’ve only just begun.

Hi mom.

Spring fevarrrrrr.

Can someone tell me once and for all if we’re gonna have a nice summer weather-wise or not?

I gotta go! Lemme know if you wanna hang in this beautiful naybe of mine some time.

Have a great night. -worst blogger ever

6 thoughts on “Hi don’t care have we met

  1. I like that neon sign. Dolly Parton just showed up on the cover of my fresh issue of BUST magazine! You look cute. My fingers are crossed for a hot summer over here…I wanna SWEAT.

  2. yo next time i’m in the tdot from the great white north of sudbury, and if i have some spare time, and our schedules magically align, i will come to burlington. though i will have to avoid my dysfunctional family members that live there. LOL

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