Thank you for thank you

HEY! Sorry for being a liar and “living my life” aka not blogging. Here’s a music post to make you like me again and if I remember/have time, I may slip some selfies in here and/or of other. You guys could help me (blog) in part, by asking questions in the vomments and guiding my Raymazing ramblings along the way. Just saying.

This is Röyksopp – Vision One from the album called Junior. I know nothing about this band but I know that after the 40 second mark this song kicks in and you should let it take you on an internet adventure while it plays in the background.

I subscribed to Arts and Crafts on Youtube and this one got blasted to me today I also feel like one day my ex (which one haha) and I hung out with the Timber Timbre guy on the island and if you have been an avid RTM reader all along, you’ll know that post and tell me if I’m right or wrong.

I’m on a big Mad Men kick right now and immersing myself in the music of the series plus I don’t know why (although I fully do) I watch it when I work full time in the same industry it’s like, no break at all but I really love it passionately. I think it both inspires and keeps me sharp. To see how sexist it was back then and how Peggy Olson works her way up from secretary to jr. copywriter to her own office to… don’t tell me cos I am not there yet I’m only on season 3 but I am glad to finally get into the show and hopefully catch up to the final season before it wraps.


Just when you thought that band FUN had its final fifteen minutes, Marshall Mathers was like NOPE. New Eminem thoughts? It’s nice he could come around and forgive his mom and have a reunion in the driveway of his gated community as depicted in this music video.

Picture break! I still have to tell you about Ellie Goulding.

Now if this new MJ with JT doesn’t make you miss Michael Jackson so bad and wish he was alive still then you’re a dick. So good right. Beyond the grave music is typically a little miss rather than hit and mostly flourishes from our collective fangirly blindness BUT this track I’m certain is legit good and will only get better the more we listen.

I got into Paper Kites today. Then I found several of their songs I really liked so instead of multiple blasts I decided to just make a monster post.

Here’s another Paper Kites one.

This one’s a work lurk video. I’m always like wow I hope no one walks up behind me when I am looking at their specific thing I jacked.

This one starts one way then builds into something completely better. I find throughout the day I require different tempos and whatever-junk. Music and writing copy go together like peanut butter and jelly with coffee poured all over it. I have decided to eat bigger breakfasts so I don’t have to wait until lunch to be smart and overcome writer’s block.

I recently re-watched Youth in Revolt (Michael Cera) again and this song plays when he’s fleeing the cops and running fast in slow motion through a forest. Love it.

Here’s a faster one if you need a jolt. I think all of I Heart Sharks sound like this but I haven’t clicked on other tracks. Youtube seems to think it knows me now and recommends me tracks they think and they’re right usually but it’s funny how at home vs. at work I like music better or less.

Work bestie sent me this aka my better dj half. She’s great.

Even your Gran has overplayed this Major Lazer song which is why I am always overjoyed to find numerous remix variations of tracks I kill. This particular song brings a lot of memories to mind and it’s incredible because those memories, although seemingly recent, aren’t. Music memory transportation at its best. Like basically every song you know tells a story. Plenty.

Me break. Funny that I only brought crazy pants and my work pants to Toronto. Way too self conscious to wear these out in public in the day. But then I did when I left the city by train on Sunday. I enjoy how the yellow aligns with the yuppie night lights.

We saw Ellie Goulding and it was so increds that I can’t even believe it happened. You know what I mean? Damara had the tickets and I was like sure. I love a ring leader. We are also going to Beck!!! I have a lot of videos of all my fav songs and pics which makes me seem obsessed.

This song is like pressing NEXT on life. It makes me happy. Work bestie sent it.

This is a good jam for obvs reasons.

One more before I go. This is an enjoyable Lana remix, and speaking of music here are some rad Almost Famous quotes.

DJ Tanner out.

(ps. if you can decipher what I meant by my blog title you win $10).


And BTW there’s a new Viral Raymi Bunny Playboy Energy Drink V-Spot out (I owe them billions). I actually hung out right where this photo was taken at Salvador Darling last Friday with Damara after the concert. I pointed to this saddle stool and said, I shot on that. We had a good time. One day I’ll tell you about it. How many times do I say that? Oh whatever. What do you want to know anyway?

Oh look I’m not finished yet. Here I am in 2009. I semi-target this year cos that is when I started to look good again and my hair was so long. This was on the Gibson Bus at a country festival in the west end, I took the streetcar there and met my ex who was shooting the show and we hung out on the bus and I think that’s the day I became friends with Holly McNarland, man she is awesome. I haven’t seen her in awhile and I could write pages upon pages about the people I have met along the way in my charming life and I truly hope to some day.

Don’t even get me started on cottage envy. This is another #TBT. What is most crazy of all is, this lake is right around the corner from the cottage and neighbouring lake that I grew up summering at and meanwhile my ex was just around the corner from me all those years of all the lakes and wide open spaces in all of up northern Ontario. This was also the weekend MJ died and we danced to his tunes while waiting in line at Weber’s and it was the saddest most surreal thing. Kay bye.