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omg august already, 2007 archives baby!

why do i bother with these posts you wonder? well, it’s a sneaky way to bump up hits, yeah it’s all from the same people, but each extra hit is like one less sigh of depression in my life if for but only a few days. seriously, you guys bump my hits up each day an extra 4000 when i do these archive round-ups. also, i think it’s handy to be organized, plus it gives me something to do, and i get to see how fat i was a year ago. also i get to re-read dumb things i wrote and sometimes they’re pretty fucking brilliant i can’t believe i ever wrote them.

handsome furs at lee’s plus a total douche gets up in our shit. follow-up pic and email regarding said douche.

so after my physical yesterday to cope from hours spent with my crazy mother we hit the mall.

august 2006 archives part II

no confusion allowed!

yes the only reason to leave bed is to piss and get wasted.

dress thing pics.

pour some crazy on me, salvation army wedding dress-up.

now, because i have a life and you don’t, here are my groceries.


postsecret rip.

everyone is fucking weird and blows the annex’s whimsical out of the sky

i can’t believe i know rene russo’s name.

i forgot to complain about how my entire life everyone has been saying my name wrong

good news, we think i’ve been sleepwalking.

that fucking chipotle mayo secret magic sauce gets me everytime.

me and cid sing paranoid android

f kitchener


nirvana sing-a-long in the car, youtube losers love to argue with me about.

what is it about the beach that makes gross old people make out like they are on ecstasy?

k i’m bored now part II some other day yeah?

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