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here i go, when i’m about to do something my hands freeze into claws, attractive retard on the scene look the fuck out.

making friends with your own harajuku slave means lots of pictures YAY.

sass brought her dad to the show.

so smelly hippie kids set up camp all around us and they’re all talkers too, we last a good ten minutes or so, matt is fuuuuuuuming, they’re behind us, i turn and say can ya guys shut up thanks? in a jokey way right during an explosion of them all talking at once over the candy one of them bought at dollarama and i turn back around facing forward then the one with the fugly hair for a dude says you could have asked in a nicer way and matt goes well you could behave in a nicer way at a movie then the kid says nothing, a few pause beats then the light bulb goes off in his head yeah and i appreciate the smoke (matt’s smoking) and matt snaps oh really? You like that? dude, just for you I’m going to smoke twice as much. hahahahhaha. the kid says nothing. i felt half-bad for saying shut up instead of be quiet it just fell out of my mouth and sorry it’s hard to ask you nicer to be quiet and not really a fucking priority of mine when you failed to show me the same courtesy so why should i whisper politely in your ear to keep it down? should i sit here silently fuming over how obnoxious you are and refrain from all tone in my voice when i finally tell you to shut up? you are rude so you really have no right to expect manners coming your way. ps. you all had wicked BO and we were here first, go set up somewhere else and talk all you want.


haloscan is fucked right now, your comments will be moderated once the shitnap is over.

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