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fil says i have to wear a bra now, he’s tired of dudes checking out the “jiggling” he says, uh there’s not really anything there to jiggle. and ps. sick word! so i said sure yeah i’ll wear one IF you come bra shopping with me, select a few and pay for them. short of that, N-O dice. i’m too flat to have to worry about sagging. though, now that the seed is planted i’m a bit paro. THANKS.

oh hey there who’s your friend?

cid is an emotional wreck when we are away, then when we get back he is clingy and bitchy for days.

fil shot a band yesterday afternoon at gibson and it was catered by a bigwig corp so he brought home lots of leftovers hell-o dinner. bacon round 2 will have to wait ’til tonite.

i couldn’t decide on an outfit for dundas square movie nite.

pool injury, he swam into the doggie ramp and it scraped him hard, we all laughed of course, didn’t know it was so serious!

fil nixed on the belt, if it were a bit tighter and less cliche maybe…

i miss my belt :( fil has this awesome belt that was his uncle’s, he won’t let me wear it though, too precious.

when did my head get so tiny?

matt’s lime chili something from salad king blew my fucking face off hot then i stupidly licked my fork and had a second wave of heat.

oh man, the scene here last nite, too good. it was like special nite or something. i’ll do a separate post on it.

who can’t wait for pineapple express?

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