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um so how about that bus beheading eh? yikes much?


anyway, on to peachier things, or rather, more bacony things, last nite’s dinner.

maple bacon boner.

me this morning.

chloe came by to drop off some books, borrow new ones and jam out to wii fit before heading to class.

fil and matt bought new lenses for their cameras today, FASCINATING. then we went for sushi at rolu. the sashimi there is kinda crap, too fishy, i like mine super cold borderline frozen so i can’t detect any taste. the service was bad too.

then we rode these horse dogs to the lcbo.

here i am hula-hooping, i am getting worse and worse at it and i do not appreciate being insulted daily by this fucking game, i go up .6 of a pound and they are like you gained weight do you know why? and list all these reasons (snacking, over-eating, eating at night, not exercising, eating too fast, indigestion etc) none of which are DRINKING EXCESSIVELY or KILLER FUCKING WEED MUNCHIES so i just click i don’t know.

i made a video but cut it short, this shirt is way too tight and constricting and the sun blaring me in the face and my hot hair, dumb dumb dumb.

i snagged a copy of the harold and kumar sequel so once fil is finished his 30 minute work-out off we go to laughing land.

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