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well i guess you’d like a story or whatever

dress now a shirt what else is new

so we went to the pour house w/ pitt last nite, second time since this little incident (scroll down) when i said we are boycotting that place. we had to go cos pitt left his blue jays jersey there after last time‘s huge embarrassing piss-up. anyway, the same amy winehouse bartender was working last nite. luckily when you walk into the pourhouse there’s a set of stairs leading down to the washrooms and then another set that takes you up to the back of the pub and you can fully avoid the entire bar, being seen, totally stealth. i felt anxious but resigned to staying for some drinks. thankfully didn’t make any contact with the bartender whatsoever. our server said pitt’s jersey was MIA and i stepped in and basically said well then someone who works here took it and fil slow-mo shakes his head at me to shut up, i don’t care, the server had just finished saying they were probably going to fire him anyway which in my books is a play for our team (for fucking once) and secondly, after the anxiety-rush i got from looking at that bartender, i do not plan to go back there FOR REAL. hear that jeff/pitt? i am also boycotting hanging out with pitt when he wears team jerseys cos he always takes them off and forgets them, or i end up babysitting them as well as him.

eventually server turns up with pitt’s jersey. we also laid out some nic cage impressions, a bit rusty. pitt thinks he knows how to impersonate david bowie, so doesn’t. more like austin powers impersonating david bowie.

this story blows.

jade had a growth spurt.

still cute as hell though.

oh yeah i also am toying with an idea ripped from duane‘s 24 hour blogathon, to try that out, and the charity i will be donating to is ME. the first time i do it isn’t to make a killing, moreso to whet your appetites and prove to you just how addicted you are to my garbage blog. the second time would be for making monies. think, from early morning til evening, multiple blog updates, like, an obnoxious amount. awesome? thoughts?

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