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Run the show

Yo guys “what is up”? Is that a dimple? I think so!

Sick of Movember pervert faces yet? lol. Sheldon sat beside me at the game yesterday. I almost punched someone’s lights out for his dad. All us social media folk were grouped together thanks to Shannon. Love that girl.

I kind of looked like a lesbian idiot but whatever.

Rebeccablugh was my date. Yaymi my teeth look white. I whiten them like cray but still don’t feel like they are white enougn. My dad said there is only so much enamel we have on our teeth. I’m supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow but I’m not going cos I won’t be out of town by then so, sorry mom have fun.

That looks funny to me. Like ants, or exercising grasshoppers. The world through my eyes can be awesome.

Someone would not let up on a pickle once they saw one so we charged it to our prepaid Mastercard. #livelarge.

I broke my camera on the way out the door. Yes. I did. UGHHHHHH! So I pissed her off all day long asking for pics sorry bro I gotta do it. We had to conserve our collective phone batteries in time for Biebs and also to get back in to Bech’s apt by way of buzz/phone thingaling.

The gate line-up was long and it was cold so we killed time in the sushi place across the street. I enjoyed the mega-people watching.


When I pose like that it means that I am putting out the vibe. Do you feel it?

The never-ending pickle (Never-ending story voice).

A lot of my personal game coverage was pictures of myself in the mirror.

It was a very decent time, lots of jokes and hilarity and vodka sodas ya mon. Do you want me to stop saying ya mon? Say no.

Look here comes like every cheerleader in Canada.

Oh hi again. I took my jacket off.

I feel these photos are self-explanatory.

Do I care about football? Does it matter? I care about historical events, watching people do stuff while drinking and heckling.

Who would turn down this hook-up? I actually do love live sports. On tv? Pass. On tv in a bar when I’m eating wings and we are all sitting for hours drinking, twist my arm alright.

Strangers suck at taking pictures of you.

A nice guy (who was drunk and therefore, not thinking straight?) gave us this to buy a round of drinks.

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of freaks. My fav.

Half time thoughts? Oh whatever. You gotta see the Biebs at least once in your lifetime and don’t take it personally kid, it’s just that everyone was tanked by halftime therefore didn’t care about lickity-split much really you coulda been Bananarama and people’d be yawning but btw you’re Just Bieber how much attention do you really need, get over yourself.

OMGOMGOMG THERE HE IS. It’s like looking at a cartoon hologram because I have seen his likeness/image SO many times before on the internet to see it in real life is surreal and then like that it’s finished. No big deal.

Bumped in to the blondebots too what’s up girls attached at the hip as uje nice to see you! O’Nizzler said I looked skinny and she knows a thing or two about that so I was elated especially after eating out Montreal for a week.

How much do I look like a football coach now?

X-nay on the glasses and hat at the same time in the future kay. I tried to dress like a football bunny. I made some fans haha.

Ha. 12 Year Blogiversary on Wednesday! Same day as my dad’s bday.

Bye now.

5 thoughts on “Run the show

  1. How do you know what a lesbian idiot looks like? When I was in the Navy, they looked like men, (lesbians “manned” the tugboats, generally speaking. Big girls…)
    Next time you take pics of the cheerleaders, MORE ZOOM!
    Now you’re gonna get a new, better camera!

  2. Happy early blog birfday! My blog/the length of time I’ve been reading your blog both turn 10 next year! Time fliiiies. I think we’ve both improved with age, like wine, sweetie dahling sweetie. Thanks for reminding me to whiten my teeth today! ;)

  3. Oh man your blogday! I had a dream about meeting you at a bar over giant fishbowl glasses of blue booze and we talked and you were extra smiley, I wish I could remember what we talked about. It was probably good shit.

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