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I am 12 years old today.

My blog just turned 12. Back on November 28 2000 I decided to start a thing called “a blog” using a thing called and haven’t turned back since. Love you guys. Keep it decent, check ya later with more insights and frights. PS. Happy Birthday Dad ILU2!!

Me at 17. 12 years ago. Ah-duh. Oxford mawfuhs!

AND why not come to Puerto Rico with meeeeeeeeeeeeee! In January. Seriously.


Also enter this Jacuzzi Hot tub photo contest asap you have a very good chance of winning. Take a picture of your hot tub, enter it, win $500. Easy peasy!

19 thoughts on “I am 12 years old today.

  1. By the way I was copying Anum’s two comments on purpose because last night I thought it was a little funny. Now I’m thinking it just made me sound a little creepy. Old and creepy.

  2. happy blob bithday raymi 12 years that’s amazing and i feel old. heh heh heh
    but really i’ve got nuthin else right now. i have been coming here forever though wow. congrats xo

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