The unhidden hotness

Evidently the stories that I tell IRL need to be written down and/or shared. Sitting on a bevy of material and it’s not always supposed to be about my good looks. Fine. I just feel rusty lately and shy, guarded, private, thoughtful living out a Kerouac nightmare. I like the solitude and bailing on a lot of stuff, doing nothing for long periods but then I know that time will come to an end and I’ll have a stacked schedule from all things long put off. I have been running from my own life and I am not finished yet.

I will just dive in to it then.

Last night at Raymaoke I noticed a man staring at me like crazy. I sang Pretty Woman. Phenomenally. Oh and for the sake of the story I looked like this at the time.

Like an I don’t give a shithead.

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wanted for your likeness


Where is Bob Saget?

I am in peril of becoming suburban fat. This dress fits still so it is a good gauge. We Canadian women have to survive many winter long months yeah? We typically gain a few.

Keep them coming.

See you in Vegas.

Close enough.

Too bad I was smelling vom at the time of this photo. Sad face.

You know it’s the 12 year anniversary of this here blog this month right Little Raymis? Tell me your fav Raymbo hits and “get hooked-up” if you know what’s good for you. I have interesting shit in store for you aaaaall next week btw! :) (other brands and peeps in general get on board just sayiiiing). Anyway remember that hair I had? Look who started it.

Life is but a dream.

It’s not always about me

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I wrote a thing about Vasko the magnificent who brought me in to the big leagues with the awesomest photoshoot I’ve ever done. Thanks bro. There’s still loads of shots you cats haven’t ever seen btw I am enacting big girl patience big time on sitting on the rest of them but then when we run out I guess we’ll have to take more.

Erin English

Now here’s a blurb from my feature,

…I’m sure that sometimes there will be chemistry in the air as the smokin’ hot subject and artist create together. As she undresses bit-by-bit and the portraits click by, telling the ‘taking my clothes off for the camera’ story. How can you resist that? I mean, it is a job and there are rules enforced in the workplace for reasons yeah, but who doesn’t fall in love sometimes? Hats off to you Vasko your portfolio is ridonkulous and in the competitive photography industry you are killing it one hot chick at a time.

Ooh scintillating? Read the rest and see ya next time.

And don’t forget my favourite and in-part inspiration for the article, le collage.

Thanks for watchin’! -RAYMI BUN-BUN. Going for a run run later in the sun sun. LOL shut up.

Stay thirsty.

She really loves you Priscilla.

The adventure continues. The adventures of your hero turning into a middle aged suburbanite right before your very eyes. Shoot me. No wait, I will do it myself.

Not bad for a Monday night though. It was actually super fun. Once the buffet started to digest in my taughtly-zipped upright sitting torso and the vodka kept flowing. When in Rome. By Rome I mean, sea of geriatrics and the types of people who groupie Elvis impersonators.

PFFFFFFFFT. My idea obvs. So good.

We were mean girls in the hotel bar afterward I don’t know what that means exactly but lets just say Evlis’ stage mother cock blocked the hell out of him.

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As deep as a bite as dark as the night

Where was we now.

Ah yes, gettin’ through November.

Sweet, sweet November.

Happy Birthday Lois! These were wiped from my last blog post no idea why, I didn’t touch the thing all weekend long. Well, Saturday. Meh.

More mom love. going out with them Again tonight. I have to wear a dress. It’s okay I know what I’m busting out don’t worry.

I’m not sure but I think blueberry teas make me nauseous as I’d likely already be nauseous if it warranted drinking one.

Red is my colour this season it just is I suppose.

Torso chiseling motivation.

No clue.

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Raymcation other perspective

Was feeling archival and nostalgic sometime this week and what with the crap weather I really dig my vacay shots, there are scores of them. Why not share some? Luckily in Aruba no one knows anything about Toronto so I could wear that hat freely. I can wear it in Borington too when I go running. Funny how my Playboy hat is the one I’m fearful to run in out here, that’s a call for way too much attention. Maybe I should get over myself?

Yeah no not crappening.

First day sunset.

Was pretty zonkedhausted and delirious as a result by that point. At dinner I knocked my wine glass over the linen table out on our private VIPLEASE dining terrace. It was pretty windy and I was being pretty expressive in my hand gestures, tired and looped. Aren’t Raymcations exciting?

Too bad I can’t wear hot pink sunglasses in the winter time. Too bad I can, but only at night in a night club. Funny how that works.

Baha I look almost nakes.

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I drink honey straight from the beehive

This was a fun way to spend a Tuesday! Raymi and the girls went out to celebrate my mom’s birthday in a spacious castlesque nightclub. Watch us now!

I wore my crazy pants for Tracey. She liked photographing them, I knew she would.

Janeane Garofalo was treated to a personal tour of the entire joint. I don’t even try and I make fans everywhere I go and the more I ignore the more they want. Madonna complex much? Just telling you the facts here people.

He’s reeeeally going for it eh. Think I should prob get another pair of black milk tights eh? Do you forget that I am Canadian sometimes folks?

This was the night I wasn’t going to drink. One or two and a shot don’t count, really. I was good two days after. I’m going to be good all weekend long. I am in to challenging myself or the idea of it at least. It’s going to be a long winter I need all the brain exercises there are.

Being confronted by the gorgeousest chandelier and then sitting beneath it practically in awe. Enchanting princess needs well met, I say.

Poor Lois. It will be redeemed! Swearsies. Hope they come with me to Puerto Rico! Or you too. THINK ABOUT IT. Surf, yoga, parties. You’ll get some wine out of it too, Raymi Travel pack. Other goodies and hook-ups also + you’ll be with me. Maybe fallin’ in love and shit! We’ll talk more about it tomorrow kay but lest you sign up in the night be sure to use this code: BORICUA13 to ensure wino-collection. ANYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM. You are the breast.

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