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She really loves you Priscilla.

The adventure continues. The adventures of your hero turning into a middle aged suburbanite right before your very eyes. Shoot me. No wait, I will do it myself.

Not bad for a Monday night though. It was actually super fun. Once the buffet started to digest in my taughtly-zipped upright sitting torso and the vodka kept flowing. When in Rome. By Rome I mean, sea of geriatrics and the types of people who groupie Elvis impersonators.

PFFFFFFFFT. My idea obvs. So good.

We were mean girls in the hotel bar afterward I don’t know what that means exactly but lets just say Evlis’ stage mother cock blocked the hell out of him.


They’re like come back Dec 17 again. I am like Excuse me, I am not about to fan girl “Elvis” we are here NOW and that is final. Keith bought us drinks so we stayed and my mom ate an entire bowl of bar snacks. Random Elvis fanatics wandered in and out of the bar. A little old man who took our picture while we were screwing around with a Christmas tree said goodbye to me, it was cute. He full on took a picture of us posing for my mom’s camera because we were a happening. Thrilling times at the Ramadaaaaaaa.

At the end of the night. I am inspecting the planet growing on my forehead. The guy sitting next to us is lucky Lois told us only after that he snapped at her for dancing. Actually everyone is lucky because it would have been a scene. NO ONE TALKS TO MY GODMOTHER LIKE THAT. I have pictures of them too. Man, old people can really suck when they want to. Don’t ever stop having fun, people.

Just go with it. When you’re in hell keep going -Churchill. Why did you make this black and white mom?

And I don’t know how this classifies as photo-editing mom when all of your pictures are distorted from facebook. Whatever this picture sucks anyway and Ramada is lucky to have their branding on my blog.

That’s another Elvis impersonator beside us. I think I am over my glasses now, maybe. Need tinier frames.

I can look way bitchier without them. Mixing red and blue (plus pink purse) is very giving up I think. I just don’t care anymore. Still I think I was one of the most dressed-up people there so it doesn’t matter if I was wearing Wonder Woman colours. Lois wins for best dressed though. Happy Birthday baby! What crazy thing are we doing next??

Christbreakfastmas foreshadowing. This is when we made a new fan. My box slammed loudly on to the ground and all the geezers jumped, laughed. Didn’t care. Being as punk rock as can be under the circumstances. To be fair Elvis was sick. Although someone who is sick was able to have a Heineken in the bar prior to show time however. We are divas with demands and do not take kindly to the word NO.

It was amazing seeing the gals go crazy bananas for him though. It’s easy to get starstruck when lights are flashing and classics are being crooned and every other guy in the room is on their pension hahaa. Lois grooved her balls off and went up to the stage at one point. Mom and I were two shy wieners and sat in the booth.

What the hell would you even call this tv show, Are we dead yet? Bahaha.

Lois was the belle of the ball. She is toned like cray now, so proud of her plus her long hair. #jealous. Our hive is getting hotter.

We’re going to work on those poses though.

Lolo’s dress is actually purple. I wore my dress specifically for her I had a feeling she’d be wearing some sort of ballgown and once I saw what the joint looked like on their website I knew I’d be wearing this number.

The strung lights were used in the production too. THRILLHOUSE.

Mom before you f– With this photo I know I looked the best in it and now I look the worst. #gettingsickofthis.

I like how my hair turned out pretty Priscilla yeah?

All joking aside, top shelf performance. Truly. It was a great nostalgic escapist experience. Now everyone is sold on my turning dirty thirty in Vegas idea. We will see. :)

See ya.

Blog post title comes from this Bat for lashes jam (Prescilla) that I love despite spelling Priscilla with an e. That is all bye.

6 thoughts on “She really loves you Priscilla.

  1. If Elvis the impersonator sees this post ,….he is seriously going to regret not posing with you, Priscilla Raymi after the show,….sinus headache or whatever,…it was a night to remember!!!! Thank you for sharing it with me, and as usual, your goddaughterly support. Luv uuuu Lois xxxxxoooooo

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