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It’s not always about me

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 I wrote a thing about Vasko the magnificent who brought me in to the big leagues with the awesomest photoshoot I’ve ever done. Thanks bro. There’s still loads of shots you cats haven’t ever seen btw I am enacting big girl patience big time on sitting on the rest of them but then when we run out I guess we’ll have to take more.

Erin English

Now here’s a blurb from my feature,

…I’m sure that sometimes there will be chemistry in the air as the smokin’ hot subject and artist create together. As she undresses bit-by-bit and the portraits click by, telling the ‘taking my clothes off for the camera’ story. How can you resist that? I mean, it is a job and there are rules enforced in the workplace for reasons yeah, but who doesn’t fall in love sometimes? Hats off to you Vasko your portfolio is ridonkulous and in the competitive photography industry you are killing it one hot chick at a time.

Ooh scintillating? Read the rest and see ya next time.

And don’t forget my favourite and in-part inspiration for the article, le collage.

Thanks for watchin’! -RAYMI BUN-BUN. Going for a run run later in the sun sun. LOL shut up.

Stay thirsty.

3 thoughts on “It’s not always about me

  1. Some people are reading this tonight thinking, “Why do I do ________ for a living?” And some are thinking, “That one girl definitely has better pipes than me.”

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